Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Letter #19 You Never Know How Far An Invite Can Go

Wow I cant believe I talked to you guys already a week ago! christmas has already come and gone.. sorry it was crazy i gave you the wrong time for you im 6 hours ahead instead of 5. and right before we called it was crazy trying to figure out how to call bc i left my planner at home with the number and sister dias didnt get to talk to her family they didnt answer so we were all stressed out ha but it was good. I will send you a list of things i need at the end of this email. I am so happy for you Windi!!!! congratulations! i wish i could be there to celebrate but you know i love you. Para bens Auslinn too!! tudo mundo there wont be any weddings for me to attend when i get home hah keep me updated. o good news my ipod didnt break i was a stress case for three days! all is well. i was so excited to talk to you guys i forgot to ask what you guys did for x mas after breakfast and stuff.. how long did amber and taylor stay? they dont celebrate x mas here the same way we do. its just another day, they just say feliz natal ha but it was great, ate at a members house and taught a lot of people.I got TRANSFERRED! Sister Dias is leaving today for home she was really nervous and sister Hunsaker is a senior and training a brasiliera.. as for me I am with sister Rueckert she is from west jordan utah, has 9 months in the mission and she just turned senior. we are in Pampulha about 20 min from venda nova. I am excited but also a little bit sad. of course as soon as sister d and h and i start working together, finding people and figuring things out.. its over. We have 5 baptisms! on sunday with people we have been teaching.. im super sad to leave them but i know the elders will take care of them. Cladeu and his three kids and artur who we found in the church by himself. his friend from the north east who is amember told him to visit the church and after we got his address taught him and he accepted. you never know how far an invite can go... well Pampulha is more rich then VN so its harder to find people(humble) to accept. So we got to get to work and find the elects. im excited for this transfer its a new area, new companion, new people. Wierd story this week was with a man named henrique. we found him after our district meeting looking around in the church. we got his address and began teaching him. He was great, had tons of questions and seemed like he knew alot about the church already. he accepted a date for batismo but on sunday someone recognized him and said he is already a member... after much confusion we called the escritorio and they said he was baptized 8 years ago. we confronted him and he said he was in an accident a while back and has problems with his memory. it was really wierd, not sure what his motives were but hey he is a member and i dont know if i believe the accident story but the sisters got transferred so the elders will take care of him.. we have many random stories like this all the time.well this week i studied matthew 26. i recommend reading it its about the savior and the atonement and peter and judas denying him...i felt the spirit so strong studying these last chapters of mathew... also matthew 25:34 is good too. I love you all! Happy new year! I cant believe its already going to be 2011 what.. fique firme
sister corbin

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