Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letter #17 All About Faith - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUBREE GIRL!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! For the Birthday wishes.... wierd that it is my birthday already! All your letters really mean so much to me. thank you.
Im not sure exactly why I never can see pics well sometimes i can. I think the computers here are old and they dont always function. i just barely had to switch computers cause one broke down while i was writing ha.
good news.... our shower broke and i have been showering with water i boil on the stove ha o and our little machine that swishes our clothes around broke too hha so now ill have to wash everything by hand.. yay. ha
Well im glad to hear everything is okay.. i was worried all week that something happened. i told my comps my mom has never missed a week ha. still i have only gotten one package with the watermelon sour patches and the belt one. my elders are going to the mission office this week so ill see if i got anything else. it just takes forever to get anything cause you have to wait for elders to go and get them for you.
Wow this week, well was really hard. a big trial of faith for me and my companions. being in a three sum is a blessing but also can be really hard to teach. so this week we taught a ton of lessons but werent finding anyone. a lot of ups and downs. remember maira the 15 year old jehovahs witness well she accepted on wed. she was so excited and said she never felt the spirit quite like this in her church and i want to have this feeling all the time. we marked a date with her and then went back the next and day and was a completly different person. she wouldnt talk to us and was really rude. she said i respect you guys but dont want to go to church on sunday and i dont want to be baptized. we were all crushed and so confused! someone must of talked to her bc she wasnt acting like herself and the saddest part of all is that she recognized the spirit she wanted to change and then bam satan entered her life. super frusturated this means that her little 8 year sister who wants to get baptized cant bc there is no one old enough to take her to church. the marriage rule here is super annoything everyone lives with each other not married bc you have to wait 3-4 months to get married here so when we teach someone who isnt married and they want to get baptized you have to wait that long to get it approved.
so we started off the week kind of on a low bc of maira but we still taught and tried everything we could. during our planning we worked on how we could be more obedient, what we said in our lessons..tudo. so we can change something. 2 nephi 25:29. we worked on sincere prayer. we werent able to get anyone to church on sunday everyone fell through. our trial of faith was starting to look endless.
then yesterday the lord led us to this street. we taught this women named jonni she said i have been thinking about this church, my friend is a member and i wanted to learn more. i am inbtwn churches right now and im super confused...golden! we taught her and she accepted! we taught a few more lessons on that street and of course it was around 630 and i was starving as usual and i said i need to eat something so we started to walk out of the street and i felt the spirit really strong not to leave and at that exact moment we heard a voice say oi are you missionaries? we said yes and this women told us to teach her.... uh what yes. we walked in and she said do you remember me and i said no i dont think so? she said i saw you on the bus a few weeks ago. i felt bad cause we ride the bus everyday i didnt remember her. she said i wanted to talk to you the spirit was touching my heart but i was embarrased bc of the people on the bus. and she said i saw you on the street right here and i had the same feeling so i yelled to you guys. we taught her the first lesson and i told her that the lord put us in your path two times he wants you to know the truth. she started tearing up and she said i dont have fear of anything i want to follow the lord if this really is his church. the lord really is preparing people to hear this message. as we left i felt humbled that heavenly father led us to this wonderful street and right before we turned the corner a man yelled to us.. are you the missionaries of the church of jesus christ? we said yes and he said i already met with the missionaries... we marked with him and were meeting with him tomorrow.
alma 32; 27 experiment upon my words and excersice a particle of faith, 2 nephi 27;23 i work not among the children of men save it be according to thier faith, 2 nephi 26:13this week for me was all about faith. the lord will put you through trials until you cant handle them anymore and right before your about to give up he blesses you. its the lord time not yours. his way is not always the easiest but its the best for us whethere we like it or not. we just have to trust and have true hope that he will do his part if we do our first. thats how it works thats how the gospel works.
im so grateful to be here. the church is true.
i love you all
sister corbin

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