Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aubree's Christmas Call 2010

Hi Everyone-

We have a family tradition on Christmas Eve and that is to have a family testimony meeting followed by hot chocolate. We had a special treat, Aubree sent her tesitmony via digital recorder for us to listen to during our meeting. It was great to hear her voice and of course, shed a tear or two.

On Christmas, we received a call from her at 10:10am from Brazil. Our time was limited to 40 minutes but we used every second of that! Other than on-going mosquito bites she's in pretty good spirits. It was a regular day for them, but not too many people to teach. All of us got to talk to her and to feel of her love. She loves Brazil, the people, her calling, and the gospel. Other than missing us during this time her thoughts are focused on serving the Lord.

She loves to learn about the scriptures and study them. It was great to talk to her. I know that the angels tend to her daily. After getting a few minutes each with her we said our good-byes until Mother's Day! WE are so proud of her and feel so blessed as a family for the example she sets for us.

The Savior is good to us and we have so many blessings to be grateful for. I love the spirit of Christmas and hope you can feel it through Aubree's letters. Thanks for all your love and support. She is so grateful for each of you. She wishes all of you a wonderful Christmas and great New Year!

Feliz Natal from Aubree!!!

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