Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sao Paulo Temple

Dear Family,

My husband is a counselor in the branch presidency at the Missionary Training Center here in São Paulo and I took the opportunity to take a picture of this district at the temple yesterday to send to you. They are not allowed to take their cameras to the temple.
We thank you so much for all that you have done to prepare your missionary to serve in this sacred calling. Each one of them is so very special and we feel so blessed to be a small part of their missionary experience.

Sister Claudia A. Andrew
Assistente do Secretário Executivo
Presidência da Área Brasil

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Letter #6 The Lord Fills My Mouth

Familia!!!! o my gosh!!! i am in brasilllllll i have so much to tell you and everyone and i dont have enough time so much has happened... mom fill in everyone about what happened in dallas crazyyyy ill begin with provo really quick so after i wrote the email last friday i got called to the travel office and my visa cameeeee sooo excited nervous every emotin possible umm saturday was an english fast soo hard but way goood sunday i didnt speak again in church ha um took pics at the temple for the last time monday i said goodbye to everyone so sad i love my district i have district withdrawals sometimes they sang till we meet again in portugues for me on tuesday morning my comps took me to my last american breakfast which included a breakfast burrito a donut and a bagel of course they dropped me off at the bus and i gave them the biggest hug of thier lives im realizing more now that the mission is all about hellos and goodbyes you meet someone learn to love them and leave them its sad but exciting at the same time i just have to get used the goodbyes. the airport got to talk a little but as soon as i got to dallas they called me on the monitor and told me i was on the 600 flight umm what so mom when i got on the flight i was freaking out running down the terminal the whole plane was waiting for me the pilot and the flight attendants said finally... and your mormon? i apologized and everyone was sitting and staring at this little sister missionary that held up the plane as soon as i sat down we took off. didnt get too much sleep wondering why i was on this plane.. later i found out that the elders flight was delayed 4 hours and the lord was just helping me out. so when i got there i didn tknow that and so i was so confused in a country i never been dont know how to speak and im supposed to call someone that only knows how to speak portugues when i land.. okay so i found a phone and mustered all the portugues i knew to tell someone i was at the airport about an hour and a half later a tap on my shoulder was this little asian ahah iwas like what ha it was funny she only spoke portugues she took me to the airport andi got to settle in take a shower and nap al ittle before the elders came in 5 hours after me. we met the pres and his wife soo cute! so the ctm is great wayyyy way diff i love it though cause everyone here speaks portugues but that can also make things frusturating at times. we met our teachers they are great one of them loves starcraft ahah and the other one is from belo so its great he said that belo is like the chicago of brazil a big city but not the biggest its in a valley and the best part is is that they are building a new stadium there for the world cup.. um legit. okay so get this were in class little newbies and our teacher says to us okay so your really lucky you get to go proselyting on friday out here in the casa verde city which is the city the ctm is. ummm what we all started freaking out!!! we were all excited so thats all we practiced for two days thennnnnnnnnnn friday morning he comes in o by the way you only get to do this twice while you are here once as a fifth weeker and once as a 7th weeker. ok so then our teacher comes in he goes um change of plans instead of just going outside were goign to take you down town!! aka sao paulo down town! i dont know if i spoke for about a min. ya we got on the bus and took our little district to downtown sao paulo witht the 7 weekers im reminding you that i dont speak portuguessssssss ahhh so i might have peed my pants walking up to our first guy. we got out of the van and it started to rain a little so we went under a bridge and we saw this boy about 20 we said he looks good. walked up to him and in our broken portugues said do you believe in jesus christ and he said yes and we taught him about the bom and he was intereseted bc he actually talked back i bore my testimony and told him to call this number as we walked away he put it in his bag i felt the spirit so strong! i loved every min of it then we gave another and another it was great it built our convidence then it was my turn i got turned down twice and was bummed so i was like lets go up to these girls that are taking pics basically long story short i asked if htye wanted me to take a pic for them but instead of saying the word tirar i said tomar which means to take like to steal so when i went up to them i asked if i could steal their camera from them ahahahha they got so mad and iwas wondering what i said and the elders so confused later i found out that i was aksing them to steal their camera instead of take thier pic it was funny so anyway no one will let me live that down here. so im starting to get down on myslef its still my turn and no one has taken it. so were walking around its pouring at this point i look like i just stepped out of the shower my bom im holding is wrinkled and my shoes are cutting my feet. i wanted to give up.. but then i told myself i wouldnt and that was somene i was supposed to find.. im walking on the street and this old lady is tring to sell us honey. i got an impression to talk to her. she kept trying to sell us honey but i said we didnt want it but that i had something for her. finally i asked do you believe in jesus christ and she said o why yes i do and i held up the book of mormon and told her that it was another tesitment of christ and that she should read it. she became silent and i handed her the book and she siad for me? and i said yes de graca meaning for free and she took the book out of her hands and held it over her heart and hugged and said thank you thank you thank you. i told her to call the number and she looked at it as we walked away. that was the best moment of my mission thus far i was so happy to give her the bom. i almost gave up too isnt that funny how that works the trial of our faith. later we gave some more to some soccer players and some nice people that day we gave out 10 bom and 6 pamphlets in an hour and a half. the lord fills my mouth when i dont know what to say bc when i walk away i never remember what i said to the so excited to be here its super hard to get this language down but i made friends witht the brazilian sisters love them1!! i can actually talk to them with hand jesters and such but were communicating they love you blake ahhaha when i show them my family. umm what else i have like 2 min left we get to go out on p days which is now um went to the temple this morning beautiful i get to play basketball everyday lovin it my roommates are great o im a solo sister if i didnt already tell you. i live with three americans and one brazilian. the brazilian sister is so cute and always says things like i like you ahah this place is hard and it def isnt easy but it is more relaxed then provo i just turn to one of my fav scrips in jacob 4; 7 god gives me power to do these things and also the one in d and c many are called but few are chosen... i chose to do this and i cant wait for the experiences to come love you all!!! love sister corbin ps mom did you get my letter?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aubree's Last Call

Aubree called me from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport last night around 5:30pm. We were having a great conversation about her passport being stamped July 30th with her Visa. Yes, she was waiting to just get her passport back with the stamp. We are not sure why they sat on someone's desk for 5 weeks. When I say "they" the other eight Elders with Aubree had their's stamped July 30th as well. So they got deverted to Provo until the Consulate could figure it out. I look at it this way, Aubree got to experience the best of both MTC's and see her friends in the process.

As we were talking, all of the sudden we both hear "Aubree Lyn Corbin, please report to the gate for immediate departure!" Evidently, she was not on the same flight as the other 8 Elders. She had the earlier flight leaving at 6pm, they were leaving on the 7:30pm flight. She told me to call her back on the payphone in 10 minutes. Well, I called her back and an Elder picked up and said she was on the plane. They were as stunned as she was but she will beat them to Brazil by 1 1/2 hours. Crazy! Hopefully she got to get some sleep...The email below came this afternoon annoncing her arrival.

Our Missionary has arrived! Brazil MTC

Dear Parents,

We are happy to send the good news that your missionary has arrived safely at the Brazil MTC. What a great joy and privilege it is to greet each missionary as they come through the front door of the MTC for the first time. We promise to take good care of your missionary.
They now have companions and are settled into their rooms. They are assigned to a district with capable and caring instructors for language and lesson study. The branch presidents and their wives, will soon give them a second greeting. These couples are rewarded in their callings through the love they always develop as they embrace and watch over the missionaries.
The MTC has a full time live-in physician to care for their health needs. He is assisted by his able wife. We are also happy to report that the Cafeteria food is abundant and very good.
Your missionary will be able to e-mail home on Preparation Day after a morning at the Temple. This will be either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on individual assignments.
Your very important young person is about to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. We hope you will be encouraged and comforted by this quote by President Lorenzo Snow: “There is no mortal man that is so much interested in the success of an elder [sister] when he is preaching the gospel as the Lord that sent him to preach to the people who are the Lord’s children.”
Please accept our love,
President Donald L Clark and Sister Zaza Clark

ADDITIONAL information . . .
DO not send packages to the Brazil Missionary Training Center. All packages must be sent directly to the mission where your missionary will be serving not the MTC. If you have already mailed a package to the Brazil MTC and it arrives after your missionary has left for the field, please understand that the package can not be forwarded to his or her mission and will be returned to you. The only other option is for us to open the package and forward the letters and photographs, giving the rest of the content of the package to the missionaries that are here.
WE Strongly eNCOURAGE sENDING HAND WRITTEN LETTERS. Please write your missionary´s first and last name. Your missionary will provide you with his district and box number. Also, please DO NOT SEND ANYTHING BY FEDEX, DHL, UPS, or other private carriers. The cost to get this type of correspondence is exorbitant.

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Lucky" Girl!

This is an email I received today about the current situation of the Brazilian Missionaries in Provo just waiting for Visas....

Hi Joni,
We will be at the CTM/MTC there on the 17th and her exit date should be the following Tuesday, at least they have always been on Tuesdays. So, we will be sure to see her -- sounds like! I'll of course give you a report! So glad she received her visa! When we left last week there were 200 or so missionaries in Provo waiting for their visas to come to Sao Paulo. She is very "lucky"/blessed!

(Arlin/Debi Woffinden are serving at the Sao Paulo MTC)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Belo or Bust! VISA IS HERE...

Hi Everyone-

We received a call this morning from Aubree via the Provo MTC. She was so excited, her VISA has just arrived!!! She has been in Provo now for almost 6 weeks. She will be leaving for Brazil early Tuesday morning to Dallas, then on to Sao Paulo. Of the 100 Brazilian missionaries in the Provo MTC, about 10 Visas have trickled in this week. So it looks like the Brazilian missionaries are starting to get their Visas. She just met 2 Sisters that entered the MTC this week that are actually going to Belo Horizonte.(Her mission) She was really excited because there weren’t any missionaries going to Belo until now. Monday will be the last day she can receive dearelder letters. So if you would like to write her make sure it’s by 12am Monday. Once again, thanks for all your love and support for Aubree. -Belo or Bust!!!


PS- Debi, she’s on her way! She’ll be there Wednesday Morning. I’m so excited for her, she is ready…

Friday, September 17, 2010

Letter #5 Abide in Me

family and friendss and who ever else reads this hiiiii i miss you and love you! umm how come no one told me that the mtc is a learning machine!!! i have a constant headache 24/7 from learning and trying to speak portugues ha but it is okay sooo legit i just wish i could learn faster or something. so i always like to start where i left off cause i tend to write random stuff and then it doesnt make sense okay so last sat i decided i would bring in my pillow to sit on bc i cannot stand having my bum sore any longer ha and o mom i already used the sewing kit i sewed a hole in my sweater are you proud? then that night my comp and i talked to these two sisters one from mongolia an the other from tonga they were trying to talk to us in english cause thats the language they were learning i always love to do that bc i feel like im always the one trying to find a native portugues speaker to talk to. sunday was great! for relief society we had the president of young womens talk to us! she was so cute. she talked about how before this life we all through our hands up and said Im IN! i loved that she also shared a scrip in moses 6 31-34, abide in me, walk wit me,choose me. read it its good. then we had sac meeting and you never know who is going to speak so like always i think its me so i planned a good talk and what do you know i didnt speak so right after the meeting i turned to my comps and said welp i didnt speak again ahha and then the pres came up to me and was like sister corbin we called your name how did you get out of speaking.. uh freaked out what? i didnt hear you call my name. other councelor comes up ya i heard it to what happened? i seriously didnt know wht was going on basically they did this to me for like 5 min then they said were kidding but be prepared for next week and walked away... shoot now i really think im going to speak hah they think im funny. then we went to the temple took ridiculous pics and then a man came up to us and said would you elders mind talking to my wife she is from sao paulo and we were so stoked and ran up to her. we talked to her about our missions and all that she said about belo was that it has a lot of cheese hah thats it cheeeeese.. okay ill hav eto find out what belo is really like when i get there and she said it was cold? no sure. ok monday! two VISAS CAME! what???? ya not mine but there is hope. skipping to tuesday, for some reason had the biggest headache and the lights were hurting it just wasnt good so i was trying to pull out of it and then a new teacher came in cause they went on an exchange or something. this new teacher decided to be an investigator and pick randomly who he was going to pick to teach him. of course, sisters you can teach me the scenario is that i dont have faith and my family died in a car accident.. go. ummmm okay i said a little pray and bam one of my fav scrips came into mind DC 50 40-43. fear not little children for you cannot bear all things now, fear not for you are mine and none of my children shall be lost... i felt the spirit so strong and the teacher was kind of caught of guard it was great especially cause i was having a hard day with my headache. later i got letters! umm jordan evans is getting married! you look so pretty girl i m soo happy for you loved the invitation. that night was the devotional it was also answer to a pray. they talked alot about sister missionaries and that usually doesnt happen.this work requires a part of our soul. isnt there an easier way? its not that easy.. it wasnt easy for our savior for that declared salvation. do something great make this your finest hour. these are the types of things the devotional was about. it was great! i dont want to come home with any regrets i love being here even though somedays its the hardest thing to get through i know i can do it.
on wed we got two new brazil sisters and missionaries going to BELO! yay i have to meet them im not the only one anymore. im pretty sure the new sisters think im crazy ha i was really hyper when i met them bc i had like 5 oreos from the wonder package lauren sent me!!!!!! i love you lauren serioulsy the best package ever ever ever. my comps are lik you have the best freinds and i always say i know! and abs thanks for your package too they thought you werent real cause you havent written me yet haha and steph umm hello utes!!!! dont worry i love how you know me well and got me tube socks! on thursday aka yestereday was our last trc or teaching investigators in english!!!!! portugues from now on! and to answer your questions mom, its crazy that is already been a month i feel like ijust got here but at the same time i have been here for years! the days start to blend together and its sunday again. the portugues is coming slowly but surely. basically we can all have basic covo with not always the right conjugation ha bear our testimonies and say things from the lessons. if you took me out of this place i dont know if i would do that well bc all i know is gospel words. but i love portugues! i hope i can get better and quick and another visa came yesterday too so its looking like they are coming but not sure when. bren just got my letter? i sent that two days before his bday o well did you get my memory card yet? you dont need to put in the water bottle umm amber your bday card was in that package o well what else i still llove my comps! they are great. sister michael loves to sleep talk sister smith is the best at story telling always and i got my roommate irma to speak in my accent all the time! o and dont worry im still blonde walked out of our room last night umm locked.. i locked us all out and i was in my pjs ha it was funny..
im learning alot and talking everyday one at a time. i love dear elders! dear elder me so i can keep your addresses! i love and miss you all! your letters are coming if you havent heard from me yet.
Love you!!!
love sister corbin

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My District

We have so much fun learning, practicing, teaching, studying, and keeping sane. All of us are headed to Brazil, just not all to the same missions. I'm the only one going to Belo Horizonte. But that's okay, I'm ready...

No Way - Cousins?

Aubree is so lucky to not only have friends but family in the MTC. Sean Russell is going to Mexico. He is about 4 weeks ahead of Aubree. He thinks he is on schedule to leave so we'll see if his Visa comes in. Mexico Elders have also been having issues with Visas. She usually see's Sean coming out of lunch because he always sits in the same spot. So she can locate him as she is coming into eat as he is leaving. As you can see by their fingers they are still miles apart.

Until we meet again

Lil Cannon is headed to Connecticut and says bye to Aubree...Emily Wong is off to Asia. Aubree had a 1 week overlap with her. It was so fun to see those you know in the field. Especially your buddies from High School and College.

We love DEARELDER.COM letters!

Sister Smith-Sister Michael-Sister Corbin coming back from the Provo Temple! Aubree Loves dearelder letters, keep them coming!

Days are long here, taking a break!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Letter #4 Choose Me and Love One Another


Hellooooooo or shall i say falllllaaaaa i always say that it means speak in portugues haha. wow another week has come and gone. i hope these letters make sense. Days at the mtc start to blend together and you never know what day or time it is.
well ill start with last week on sat! i was so sick as you know but it was okay i am better now and yes mom i bought dayquil and then i found some in my suitcase haha o well. but the good news was that i got to go out into the outside world!! they health clinic was closed on saturdays so they took me to a provo clinic with one of my roommates irma she is going to portugal and she is a solo sister so she decided to come withe me! it was crazy even thought i just left the real world its soo wierd to be back in it. it was the byu football game and i was hoping i would see someone i knew walking around.. false i dont know people in provo ha then we got to the clinic i knew i was a missionary when i sat down and wanted to talk to the family next to me about the plan of salvation....wierd ha it was great though a way different experience i had to resist from the tv that had only my fav ryan reynolds on it... mandy you know who i am talking about. an the great radio music that was playing. after we went to go get medicine at rite aid i dont think ihave every loved another market in my life i was trying to figure out what i needed to buy!!! so mom i used some money off of my atm to buy stuff :) then on sunday i had to say goodbye to sister cannon sad day i will miss her i already do but i know she will do great in conneticut! so i have a comp that sings amazing and what comes with that is i get to sing the choir ha and my other comp hates to sing so we dragged her into on tuesday night. it was great i was excited until the director said there will be a teleprompter on you and to not look at it! i didnt sign up for a teleprompter!!! so we sang in the devotiontial with about 20 other sisters and i found out later by people o i didnt know you liked to sing the teleprompter was on you alot.. great ha thats okay i love my comp so i did it for her and even though i cant sing i love music! so dad this devotional was great!!! it made me think of you. basically it was about the simplicity of the gospel i loved it! the talk was on choices and how your choices in this life reveal your true nature. choosing is becoming. our best choice we could ever choose is to choose our savior. he only gave us two commandments really 1 choose me and 2 love one another. i only think there is one cause if you choose the first the 2nd one follows. it was amazing and love listening to talks like that cause it just makes you realize how easy it really can me " my sheep hear my voice and they follow me". so there is this elder in my district that i adore his favorite saying is THATS GREAT its caught on to everything we say. were always saying it. he says everything in this life is great good or bad. if you experience something bad its for the better to make you greater! and it so true i tried to live my life this way before i left for the mish. becoming a "yes man" hhaa and saying everything is great. sometimes its hard to keep up this attitude but i notice when i do everything really does seem great! i love it.
on wed we started this program called fala sua lingua or speak your language everytime and anytime you can. i hope it helps me! the new teacher is great irma chamberlin. on thursday we taught again at the legit trc where there was cameras and our teachers watched kind of scary but it went really well! the portugues part was a struggle but somehow i made it through. we taught this lady about the plan of salvation and how great it is! its why were here it all makes sense, this life is for learning and growing to prepare to meet god. and more specifically realize about the restored gospel and recieve the blessings that come from it. like today we went to the temple and i did sealings for the first time. our sealer was this old somoan gpa who i loved! he was so cute. he looked directly at me and my comps and said this is where you want your investigators to go the temple to sealed and to be with thier family forever and to not stop at baptism. he was a member due to missionaries knocking on his door a long time ago in somoa. i felt the spirit so strong and felt the eagerness to teach.
The mtc is great. its a strange wonderful place i like to think of it as hogwarts ah and branches are districts a place where you can study 12 hours a day until your brain literally hurts. i feel like finals week every night i go to sleep. im going to start bringing in a pillow to sit on because i am sore from sitting all day ha.
Dad- thank you so much for your letter it meant alot to hear from you.. go device!!! 60% done yay i hope it comes together for you soon! i think about you everyday and cant wait to get the next one.. love you! ps taylor and dana moved? i would love to write tay
amber- happy birthday yay!!! i love you i sent the package i hope you got it! its not alot but something
blake- ummmmm yes he has a friend named casey who now lives in new york ask cami she knows
mandy and james- love you guys thanks for your dear elder and james yes elder phillips knows josie i guess
brenan- you get my card?
mommy- no visas yet. if you cant find the watch thats okay i just dont want to break the one i have maybe ill buy one down in brazil. im going to send the chip home with pics and vids answering questions and such. im not sick anymore but im out of salt packets so that would be great and i would love a picture of our whole family! and a cute pic of zoe and dane. o and yes i watched the mormon message about tuning to the spirit last week! i loved it. so when i read your dear elder i knew exactly what it was! i loved the cute gpa in it. um lets see what else we got three new brazilian sisters this week none going to my mission but close! two were supposed to come into our room but i guess one postponed so there is another three comp.
i love you all... im not sure who reads these but i hope you enjoy them. i love all the dear elders i have gotten thank you sooo much!!! they mean so much to me and im going to try to write all of you back soon.
well, kill it out there in the world for me!
sister corbin
(picture above taken before she left)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week #3 Here's My Heart, O Take and Seal it...

Minha familia!!!!
como vai?
guess what im sickkk blahhh of course i am. i am not suprised. im not used to so little sleep and so much work! i hope i get better soon and o mom did we not pack dayquil and stuff or did that get cutt when i was packing.. anyway i never have time to read emails on this thing so dear elder me stuff. i love it cause i get to read it right before bed its great. so i think im gonna send the pics on the memory card this week so you can see some pics finally o an my mailbox # is 298. ok sooo its ground hogs day dad. well at least it feels like it all the time hah. james! there is an elder here his name is elder phillips he knows jocey? your little sis he grew up in your ward in oxford were like best friends now. so ill start with sunday, i heard my name spoken amongst the branch presidency so i was sooo nervous all sacrament meeting then i just had to give the closing prayer so that was good and we sang how firm foundation with my district. they call us the mo tab. i am not good but everyone else is we have like three music majors. this week was full of highs and lows i guess you dont really know what that really means until you get here. one min im sooo excited and the next min im so frusturated cause i cant speak portuguese anyway on monday it was one of the best experiences i have so far here. i got to be an investigator to my other two comps i volunteered bc i was soo full from lunch and i could kind of see myself getting into a food como so i decided i would do it. we wathced a video about a guy in brazil named andrew. he is like a hippie type guy and loved spiritual things so i thought i could do this one ha. what happened to me next i will never forget. the lesson started and i got into this wierd daze and i really thought i was him. i felt the spirt prompt me to what i should say. it was the first time i felt another persons burdens like that. i saw and felt the love heavenly father has for this man yearning to hear the gospel without knowing he needed it. i felt really humbled and blessed after we were done. i said ?s and answers to my comps i have never even thought about before. i felt like crying when we were done. i got a fire inside to hop on plane to go find this man in brazil so he didnt have to feel the way i was feeling or only 30 mins! anyway it def touched me and along with my companions. on tuesday we got to hear from gordon b's son! so great he looks and talks just like him. on wed we played sand volleyball and i dont think i have had more laughs. it was hillarious i dont know why but everything at the mtc is funny. we would start making up dance moves when we scored idk wierd stuff. thursday was the TRC where you teach "fake" investigators. they are just volunteers we touch a women with a baby i have never wanted to hold a baby more in my life made me think of baby zoe and baby dane so much. well our goal as a companionship was to feel the spirit throughout the whole thing and we did! well we tried at least were getting better its super hard to teach with three. o and the woman we were teaching lived in brazil for a while and she said she went to belo horizonte to go on splits with the missionaries and they all complained about there knees bc there are so many copple stone hills! ahhh i hope my little legs will get me over the hills hah. we also found out that one of our district leaders in the zone is going home! on clinical leave... he passed out during gym and then passed out again during class they thought it might be a mini heart attack but couldnt diagnose him it was really sad to see him go. we just got here! last night was great it was our last time with irmo miles our romanian teacher. i always feel the spirit when he teaches and our whole district loved having him around. sooo at the end of class he wanted us to all bear our testimonies on christ.. uh oh ya me and testimonies= crying so i tried to keep it together.. didnt work. i havent cried since i been here so i thought i could do it. i felt the spirit so strong and all these emotions came out at once my district probs think im crazy haha but i still love them! did i mention that my comps are amazing? i cant remember what i write in emails.. i know exactly why i am with them TO LEARN they know so much. i just listen to them and take it all in. sister michael the one from san jose she is so kind she goes out of her way to say something nice to everyone and sister smith from bountiful is a genisus when it comes to doctrinal things. we all get along so well but we are all so different. i love being here. growing up in the gospel i always knew it was true.. but do we really know what we have as latter day saints? the primary song comes into my head when i think of this " scripture power!" its so true we are part of the real gospel that has gone from dispensation to dispensation! i think i have realizied that more then ever now that i am here. so when we sing hymns in portugues i always want to sing come thou font but we dont have the copy right to it anymore.. so pretty " come thou fount of every blessing tune thy heart to sing thy grace..prone to wander lord i feel it prone to leave the god i love.. heres my heart o take and seal it seal it for thy courts above" probs one of the best songs ever written. take my heart take it and seal it! im so happy to be part of this work... yes its hard! but worth it. i love you everyone! love you mom i love your dear elders they are what keep me going! dont email me dear edler me :)

i love you all!
love sister corbin

ps i get our new teacher tonight!
and a sister got recalled to san jose to wait for her visa so well see where i end up!
shout out to chlo chlo thanks for the package! my first one i love you!
mom ill write you a letter no time to answer all your questions
ps amber are you 30 or 29? hope this email made sense