Friday, September 17, 2010

Letter #5 Abide in Me

family and friendss and who ever else reads this hiiiii i miss you and love you! umm how come no one told me that the mtc is a learning machine!!! i have a constant headache 24/7 from learning and trying to speak portugues ha but it is okay sooo legit i just wish i could learn faster or something. so i always like to start where i left off cause i tend to write random stuff and then it doesnt make sense okay so last sat i decided i would bring in my pillow to sit on bc i cannot stand having my bum sore any longer ha and o mom i already used the sewing kit i sewed a hole in my sweater are you proud? then that night my comp and i talked to these two sisters one from mongolia an the other from tonga they were trying to talk to us in english cause thats the language they were learning i always love to do that bc i feel like im always the one trying to find a native portugues speaker to talk to. sunday was great! for relief society we had the president of young womens talk to us! she was so cute. she talked about how before this life we all through our hands up and said Im IN! i loved that she also shared a scrip in moses 6 31-34, abide in me, walk wit me,choose me. read it its good. then we had sac meeting and you never know who is going to speak so like always i think its me so i planned a good talk and what do you know i didnt speak so right after the meeting i turned to my comps and said welp i didnt speak again ahha and then the pres came up to me and was like sister corbin we called your name how did you get out of speaking.. uh freaked out what? i didnt hear you call my name. other councelor comes up ya i heard it to what happened? i seriously didnt know wht was going on basically they did this to me for like 5 min then they said were kidding but be prepared for next week and walked away... shoot now i really think im going to speak hah they think im funny. then we went to the temple took ridiculous pics and then a man came up to us and said would you elders mind talking to my wife she is from sao paulo and we were so stoked and ran up to her. we talked to her about our missions and all that she said about belo was that it has a lot of cheese hah thats it cheeeeese.. okay ill hav eto find out what belo is really like when i get there and she said it was cold? no sure. ok monday! two VISAS CAME! what???? ya not mine but there is hope. skipping to tuesday, for some reason had the biggest headache and the lights were hurting it just wasnt good so i was trying to pull out of it and then a new teacher came in cause they went on an exchange or something. this new teacher decided to be an investigator and pick randomly who he was going to pick to teach him. of course, sisters you can teach me the scenario is that i dont have faith and my family died in a car accident.. go. ummmm okay i said a little pray and bam one of my fav scrips came into mind DC 50 40-43. fear not little children for you cannot bear all things now, fear not for you are mine and none of my children shall be lost... i felt the spirit so strong and the teacher was kind of caught of guard it was great especially cause i was having a hard day with my headache. later i got letters! umm jordan evans is getting married! you look so pretty girl i m soo happy for you loved the invitation. that night was the devotional it was also answer to a pray. they talked alot about sister missionaries and that usually doesnt happen.this work requires a part of our soul. isnt there an easier way? its not that easy.. it wasnt easy for our savior for that declared salvation. do something great make this your finest hour. these are the types of things the devotional was about. it was great! i dont want to come home with any regrets i love being here even though somedays its the hardest thing to get through i know i can do it.
on wed we got two new brazil sisters and missionaries going to BELO! yay i have to meet them im not the only one anymore. im pretty sure the new sisters think im crazy ha i was really hyper when i met them bc i had like 5 oreos from the wonder package lauren sent me!!!!!! i love you lauren serioulsy the best package ever ever ever. my comps are lik you have the best freinds and i always say i know! and abs thanks for your package too they thought you werent real cause you havent written me yet haha and steph umm hello utes!!!! dont worry i love how you know me well and got me tube socks! on thursday aka yestereday was our last trc or teaching investigators in english!!!!! portugues from now on! and to answer your questions mom, its crazy that is already been a month i feel like ijust got here but at the same time i have been here for years! the days start to blend together and its sunday again. the portugues is coming slowly but surely. basically we can all have basic covo with not always the right conjugation ha bear our testimonies and say things from the lessons. if you took me out of this place i dont know if i would do that well bc all i know is gospel words. but i love portugues! i hope i can get better and quick and another visa came yesterday too so its looking like they are coming but not sure when. bren just got my letter? i sent that two days before his bday o well did you get my memory card yet? you dont need to put in the water bottle umm amber your bday card was in that package o well what else i still llove my comps! they are great. sister michael loves to sleep talk sister smith is the best at story telling always and i got my roommate irma to speak in my accent all the time! o and dont worry im still blonde walked out of our room last night umm locked.. i locked us all out and i was in my pjs ha it was funny..
im learning alot and talking everyday one at a time. i love dear elders! dear elder me so i can keep your addresses! i love and miss you all! your letters are coming if you havent heard from me yet.
Love you!!!
love sister corbin

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