Friday, September 10, 2010

Letter #4 Choose Me and Love One Another


Hellooooooo or shall i say falllllaaaaa i always say that it means speak in portugues haha. wow another week has come and gone. i hope these letters make sense. Days at the mtc start to blend together and you never know what day or time it is.
well ill start with last week on sat! i was so sick as you know but it was okay i am better now and yes mom i bought dayquil and then i found some in my suitcase haha o well. but the good news was that i got to go out into the outside world!! they health clinic was closed on saturdays so they took me to a provo clinic with one of my roommates irma she is going to portugal and she is a solo sister so she decided to come withe me! it was crazy even thought i just left the real world its soo wierd to be back in it. it was the byu football game and i was hoping i would see someone i knew walking around.. false i dont know people in provo ha then we got to the clinic i knew i was a missionary when i sat down and wanted to talk to the family next to me about the plan of salvation....wierd ha it was great though a way different experience i had to resist from the tv that had only my fav ryan reynolds on it... mandy you know who i am talking about. an the great radio music that was playing. after we went to go get medicine at rite aid i dont think ihave every loved another market in my life i was trying to figure out what i needed to buy!!! so mom i used some money off of my atm to buy stuff :) then on sunday i had to say goodbye to sister cannon sad day i will miss her i already do but i know she will do great in conneticut! so i have a comp that sings amazing and what comes with that is i get to sing the choir ha and my other comp hates to sing so we dragged her into on tuesday night. it was great i was excited until the director said there will be a teleprompter on you and to not look at it! i didnt sign up for a teleprompter!!! so we sang in the devotiontial with about 20 other sisters and i found out later by people o i didnt know you liked to sing the teleprompter was on you alot.. great ha thats okay i love my comp so i did it for her and even though i cant sing i love music! so dad this devotional was great!!! it made me think of you. basically it was about the simplicity of the gospel i loved it! the talk was on choices and how your choices in this life reveal your true nature. choosing is becoming. our best choice we could ever choose is to choose our savior. he only gave us two commandments really 1 choose me and 2 love one another. i only think there is one cause if you choose the first the 2nd one follows. it was amazing and love listening to talks like that cause it just makes you realize how easy it really can me " my sheep hear my voice and they follow me". so there is this elder in my district that i adore his favorite saying is THATS GREAT its caught on to everything we say. were always saying it. he says everything in this life is great good or bad. if you experience something bad its for the better to make you greater! and it so true i tried to live my life this way before i left for the mish. becoming a "yes man" hhaa and saying everything is great. sometimes its hard to keep up this attitude but i notice when i do everything really does seem great! i love it.
on wed we started this program called fala sua lingua or speak your language everytime and anytime you can. i hope it helps me! the new teacher is great irma chamberlin. on thursday we taught again at the legit trc where there was cameras and our teachers watched kind of scary but it went really well! the portugues part was a struggle but somehow i made it through. we taught this lady about the plan of salvation and how great it is! its why were here it all makes sense, this life is for learning and growing to prepare to meet god. and more specifically realize about the restored gospel and recieve the blessings that come from it. like today we went to the temple and i did sealings for the first time. our sealer was this old somoan gpa who i loved! he was so cute. he looked directly at me and my comps and said this is where you want your investigators to go the temple to sealed and to be with thier family forever and to not stop at baptism. he was a member due to missionaries knocking on his door a long time ago in somoa. i felt the spirit so strong and felt the eagerness to teach.
The mtc is great. its a strange wonderful place i like to think of it as hogwarts ah and branches are districts a place where you can study 12 hours a day until your brain literally hurts. i feel like finals week every night i go to sleep. im going to start bringing in a pillow to sit on because i am sore from sitting all day ha.
Dad- thank you so much for your letter it meant alot to hear from you.. go device!!! 60% done yay i hope it comes together for you soon! i think about you everyday and cant wait to get the next one.. love you! ps taylor and dana moved? i would love to write tay
amber- happy birthday yay!!! i love you i sent the package i hope you got it! its not alot but something
blake- ummmmm yes he has a friend named casey who now lives in new york ask cami she knows
mandy and james- love you guys thanks for your dear elder and james yes elder phillips knows josie i guess
brenan- you get my card?
mommy- no visas yet. if you cant find the watch thats okay i just dont want to break the one i have maybe ill buy one down in brazil. im going to send the chip home with pics and vids answering questions and such. im not sick anymore but im out of salt packets so that would be great and i would love a picture of our whole family! and a cute pic of zoe and dane. o and yes i watched the mormon message about tuning to the spirit last week! i loved it. so when i read your dear elder i knew exactly what it was! i loved the cute gpa in it. um lets see what else we got three new brazilian sisters this week none going to my mission but close! two were supposed to come into our room but i guess one postponed so there is another three comp.
i love you all... im not sure who reads these but i hope you enjoy them. i love all the dear elders i have gotten thank you sooo much!!! they mean so much to me and im going to try to write all of you back soon.
well, kill it out there in the world for me!
sister corbin
(picture above taken before she left)

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