Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Letter #6 The Lord Fills My Mouth

Familia!!!! o my gosh!!! i am in brasilllllll i have so much to tell you and everyone and i dont have enough time so much has happened... mom fill in everyone about what happened in dallas crazyyyy ill begin with provo really quick so after i wrote the email last friday i got called to the travel office and my visa cameeeee sooo excited nervous every emotin possible umm saturday was an english fast soo hard but way goood sunday i didnt speak again in church ha um took pics at the temple for the last time monday i said goodbye to everyone so sad i love my district i have district withdrawals sometimes they sang till we meet again in portugues for me on tuesday morning my comps took me to my last american breakfast which included a breakfast burrito a donut and a bagel of course they dropped me off at the bus and i gave them the biggest hug of thier lives im realizing more now that the mission is all about hellos and goodbyes you meet someone learn to love them and leave them its sad but exciting at the same time i just have to get used the goodbyes. the airport got to talk a little but as soon as i got to dallas they called me on the monitor and told me i was on the 600 flight umm what so mom when i got on the flight i was freaking out running down the terminal the whole plane was waiting for me the pilot and the flight attendants said finally... and your mormon? i apologized and everyone was sitting and staring at this little sister missionary that held up the plane as soon as i sat down we took off. didnt get too much sleep wondering why i was on this plane.. later i found out that the elders flight was delayed 4 hours and the lord was just helping me out. so when i got there i didn tknow that and so i was so confused in a country i never been dont know how to speak and im supposed to call someone that only knows how to speak portugues when i land.. okay so i found a phone and mustered all the portugues i knew to tell someone i was at the airport about an hour and a half later a tap on my shoulder was this little asian ahah iwas like what ha it was funny she only spoke portugues she took me to the airport andi got to settle in take a shower and nap al ittle before the elders came in 5 hours after me. we met the pres and his wife soo cute! so the ctm is great wayyyy way diff i love it though cause everyone here speaks portugues but that can also make things frusturating at times. we met our teachers they are great one of them loves starcraft ahah and the other one is from belo so its great he said that belo is like the chicago of brazil a big city but not the biggest its in a valley and the best part is is that they are building a new stadium there for the world cup.. um legit. okay so get this were in class little newbies and our teacher says to us okay so your really lucky you get to go proselyting on friday out here in the casa verde city which is the city the ctm is. ummm what we all started freaking out!!! we were all excited so thats all we practiced for two days thennnnnnnnnnn friday morning he comes in o by the way you only get to do this twice while you are here once as a fifth weeker and once as a 7th weeker. ok so then our teacher comes in he goes um change of plans instead of just going outside were goign to take you down town!! aka sao paulo down town! i dont know if i spoke for about a min. ya we got on the bus and took our little district to downtown sao paulo witht the 7 weekers im reminding you that i dont speak portuguessssssss ahhh so i might have peed my pants walking up to our first guy. we got out of the van and it started to rain a little so we went under a bridge and we saw this boy about 20 we said he looks good. walked up to him and in our broken portugues said do you believe in jesus christ and he said yes and we taught him about the bom and he was intereseted bc he actually talked back i bore my testimony and told him to call this number as we walked away he put it in his bag i felt the spirit so strong! i loved every min of it then we gave another and another it was great it built our convidence then it was my turn i got turned down twice and was bummed so i was like lets go up to these girls that are taking pics basically long story short i asked if htye wanted me to take a pic for them but instead of saying the word tirar i said tomar which means to take like to steal so when i went up to them i asked if i could steal their camera from them ahahahha they got so mad and iwas wondering what i said and the elders so confused later i found out that i was aksing them to steal their camera instead of take thier pic it was funny so anyway no one will let me live that down here. so im starting to get down on myslef its still my turn and no one has taken it. so were walking around its pouring at this point i look like i just stepped out of the shower my bom im holding is wrinkled and my shoes are cutting my feet. i wanted to give up.. but then i told myself i wouldnt and that was somene i was supposed to find.. im walking on the street and this old lady is tring to sell us honey. i got an impression to talk to her. she kept trying to sell us honey but i said we didnt want it but that i had something for her. finally i asked do you believe in jesus christ and she said o why yes i do and i held up the book of mormon and told her that it was another tesitment of christ and that she should read it. she became silent and i handed her the book and she siad for me? and i said yes de graca meaning for free and she took the book out of her hands and held it over her heart and hugged and said thank you thank you thank you. i told her to call the number and she looked at it as we walked away. that was the best moment of my mission thus far i was so happy to give her the bom. i almost gave up too isnt that funny how that works the trial of our faith. later we gave some more to some soccer players and some nice people that day we gave out 10 bom and 6 pamphlets in an hour and a half. the lord fills my mouth when i dont know what to say bc when i walk away i never remember what i said to the people....im so excited to be here its super hard to get this language down but i made friends witht the brazilian sisters love them1!! i can actually talk to them with hand jesters and such but were communicating they love you blake ahhaha when i show them my family. umm what else i have like 2 min left we get to go out on p days which is now um went to the temple this morning beautiful i get to play basketball everyday lovin it my roommates are great o im a solo sister if i didnt already tell you. i live with three americans and one brazilian. the brazilian sister is so cute and always says things like i like you ahah this place is hard and it def isnt easy but it is more relaxed then provo i just turn to one of my fav scrips in jacob 4; 7 god gives me power to do these things and also the one in d and c many are called but few are chosen... i chose to do this and i cant wait for the experiences to come love you all!!! love sister corbin ps mom did you get my letter?

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  1. That is so great to hear the story of the woman selling honey. What a powerful experience! I'm so glad Aubs is safe and happy!!!