Friday, September 3, 2010

Week #3 Here's My Heart, O Take and Seal it...

Minha familia!!!!
como vai?
guess what im sickkk blahhh of course i am. i am not suprised. im not used to so little sleep and so much work! i hope i get better soon and o mom did we not pack dayquil and stuff or did that get cutt when i was packing.. anyway i never have time to read emails on this thing so dear elder me stuff. i love it cause i get to read it right before bed its great. so i think im gonna send the pics on the memory card this week so you can see some pics finally o an my mailbox # is 298. ok sooo its ground hogs day dad. well at least it feels like it all the time hah. james! there is an elder here his name is elder phillips he knows jocey? your little sis he grew up in your ward in oxford were like best friends now. so ill start with sunday, i heard my name spoken amongst the branch presidency so i was sooo nervous all sacrament meeting then i just had to give the closing prayer so that was good and we sang how firm foundation with my district. they call us the mo tab. i am not good but everyone else is we have like three music majors. this week was full of highs and lows i guess you dont really know what that really means until you get here. one min im sooo excited and the next min im so frusturated cause i cant speak portuguese anyway on monday it was one of the best experiences i have so far here. i got to be an investigator to my other two comps i volunteered bc i was soo full from lunch and i could kind of see myself getting into a food como so i decided i would do it. we wathced a video about a guy in brazil named andrew. he is like a hippie type guy and loved spiritual things so i thought i could do this one ha. what happened to me next i will never forget. the lesson started and i got into this wierd daze and i really thought i was him. i felt the spirt prompt me to what i should say. it was the first time i felt another persons burdens like that. i saw and felt the love heavenly father has for this man yearning to hear the gospel without knowing he needed it. i felt really humbled and blessed after we were done. i said ?s and answers to my comps i have never even thought about before. i felt like crying when we were done. i got a fire inside to hop on plane to go find this man in brazil so he didnt have to feel the way i was feeling or only 30 mins! anyway it def touched me and along with my companions. on tuesday we got to hear from gordon b's son! so great he looks and talks just like him. on wed we played sand volleyball and i dont think i have had more laughs. it was hillarious i dont know why but everything at the mtc is funny. we would start making up dance moves when we scored idk wierd stuff. thursday was the TRC where you teach "fake" investigators. they are just volunteers we touch a women with a baby i have never wanted to hold a baby more in my life made me think of baby zoe and baby dane so much. well our goal as a companionship was to feel the spirit throughout the whole thing and we did! well we tried at least were getting better its super hard to teach with three. o and the woman we were teaching lived in brazil for a while and she said she went to belo horizonte to go on splits with the missionaries and they all complained about there knees bc there are so many copple stone hills! ahhh i hope my little legs will get me over the hills hah. we also found out that one of our district leaders in the zone is going home! on clinical leave... he passed out during gym and then passed out again during class they thought it might be a mini heart attack but couldnt diagnose him it was really sad to see him go. we just got here! last night was great it was our last time with irmo miles our romanian teacher. i always feel the spirit when he teaches and our whole district loved having him around. sooo at the end of class he wanted us to all bear our testimonies on christ.. uh oh ya me and testimonies= crying so i tried to keep it together.. didnt work. i havent cried since i been here so i thought i could do it. i felt the spirit so strong and all these emotions came out at once my district probs think im crazy haha but i still love them! did i mention that my comps are amazing? i cant remember what i write in emails.. i know exactly why i am with them TO LEARN they know so much. i just listen to them and take it all in. sister michael the one from san jose she is so kind she goes out of her way to say something nice to everyone and sister smith from bountiful is a genisus when it comes to doctrinal things. we all get along so well but we are all so different. i love being here. growing up in the gospel i always knew it was true.. but do we really know what we have as latter day saints? the primary song comes into my head when i think of this " scripture power!" its so true we are part of the real gospel that has gone from dispensation to dispensation! i think i have realizied that more then ever now that i am here. so when we sing hymns in portugues i always want to sing come thou font but we dont have the copy right to it anymore.. so pretty " come thou fount of every blessing tune thy heart to sing thy grace..prone to wander lord i feel it prone to leave the god i love.. heres my heart o take and seal it seal it for thy courts above" probs one of the best songs ever written. take my heart take it and seal it! im so happy to be part of this work... yes its hard! but worth it. i love you everyone! love you mom i love your dear elders they are what keep me going! dont email me dear edler me :)

i love you all!
love sister corbin

ps i get our new teacher tonight!
and a sister got recalled to san jose to wait for her visa so well see where i end up!
shout out to chlo chlo thanks for the package! my first one i love you!
mom ill write you a letter no time to answer all your questions
ps amber are you 30 or 29? hope this email made sense

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  1. I am loving reading Aubree's emails!!! AND, "Come Thou Fount" is Dallin's FAVORITE song, his friends sang it at his farewell!!! :)