Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aubree's Last Call

Aubree called me from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport last night around 5:30pm. We were having a great conversation about her passport being stamped July 30th with her Visa. Yes, she was waiting to just get her passport back with the stamp. We are not sure why they sat on someone's desk for 5 weeks. When I say "they" the other eight Elders with Aubree had their's stamped July 30th as well. So they got deverted to Provo until the Consulate could figure it out. I look at it this way, Aubree got to experience the best of both MTC's and see her friends in the process.

As we were talking, all of the sudden we both hear "Aubree Lyn Corbin, please report to the gate for immediate departure!" Evidently, she was not on the same flight as the other 8 Elders. She had the earlier flight leaving at 6pm, they were leaving on the 7:30pm flight. She told me to call her back on the payphone in 10 minutes. Well, I called her back and an Elder picked up and said she was on the plane. They were as stunned as she was but she will beat them to Brazil by 1 1/2 hours. Crazy! Hopefully she got to get some sleep...The email below came this afternoon annoncing her arrival.

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