Friday, August 27, 2010

Week #2 Stay and Study..10th Row!

Como vai????
Hello everyone!! wow i have been on a mission for almost two weeks ok a week and a half and i first would like to say i am sorry for the crazy letter last week. i hope you could understand it it was all over the place. so i have so much to say! ahhh ok i umm i love my elders our district is the best! we call ourselves the funny district that can sing idk its the mtc humor here i love it. so last sunday was so cool i didnt have to speak in portuguese i was worried about it but my whole district was asked to sing this week so for those of you who know me i cant sing! so well see how that goes. anyway dad- we watched the spoken word ahah made me think of you we love mo tab they played lillies of the field mom and that made me think of you. we got to go on a temple walk later that day so i have pics and i think the only way to send them is via me printing them here so ill try to do that soon. monday i said goodbye to emilie wong i will miss her she is great. i think i grew a six pack on monday during our class everything is so funny here we played a game called basketch basically using a trashcan with paper and i dont think i laughed harder. i love my teachers o and great news were getting a new portuguese teacher that actually went to brazil!!! she is so cute she went to sao paulo so it will be nice to have a girls perspective. so basically i have been loving the mtc ya its hard and yes im tired but i love being here i know this is where im supposed to be. but for some reason i was feeling kindof low on tuesday idk what was wrong with me and on tuesdays we have devotionals and there was word that it was going to be an apostle so it was crazayyyy. and the gym just barely got re opened so people started lining up at 5 to get in and the program didnt start until 7 and me and my comps were like no we should be obedient and stay and study until its time to go. so we did and we were the last ones in and i was super dissappointed cause there were no seats left and then i heard my comp say sister corbin and she started bolting down the stairs she found 3 seats right infront like 10th row! we were blessed for being obedient little things like that happen all the time i love it and dont worry im sitting there and uhhhhh elder holland walks in o just one of my favs i was so excited! i wish you guys could here this talk it was exactly what i needed to here at that moment. he said " if you dont feel up to it.... well its still the church an the work has to be done... welcome to the family" " we cannot fully prepare you for this war, its all his work, all his church and we all signed up" he quoted what i said in my farewell talk " missionary work is hard bc salvation is not a cheap experience" wow it was amazing blake and dad you would have loved it!!! I want to be on the team and here i am i signed up for the war and couldnt be any happier. i am no longer my own but the lords and this is the lords time.
on wed my district played for square it brings me back to the good old days we prob play like three times a week haha its fun. o ok so here is a great story so as a companionship we decided to contact three different people before lunch in portuguese. so i decided to have our last one be sister cannon (lil cannon dg) to be my last contact so we went up to her and my companions started and i went last testifying of prophets and the book of mormon and she starts crying! and with tears in her eyes says aubrees speaking portuguese of course i felt the spirit and hugged her for like 30 secs ahah but i will never forget that. she leaves in 9 days and i will be so sad to see her go!
no word on visas mom so im still here and prob well be for a while but thats okay im starting to like it here. also this new missionary named hermana pond came in the other day and we know some of the same people her name is jamie pond i believe she is cute. ummm lets see on thurs aka yesterday we did the trc which is when you teach volunteers it went great! we taught the new teacher we were going to have starting next week.
this morning we were able to go to the temple so great. so my official p day is on friday and i go to the temple in the mornings and walk around the temple sunday afternoons
i try to stop appreviating here but its supps hard ahahah and ill try not to apprev on the emials mom pmg = preach my gospel and dont cut it in the show just is shower ha
side notes blake- there is this elder in my district that laughs like david burton and i lov my life cause i just laugh all the time
amber- wow could your letter make me cry... yes tell zoe i miss her and hi to her too! i miss you tons
mom- a lady is getting me some flipflops ahah so no worries. good news about the shot!! i didnt want to have another one
lauren- you are my best friend i love dear elders from you ps can you send me kvw's address i need to write her while im here and i cant wait to get a package lil gets one everyday!
shout out to my DGS i love you your letter is coming!
we just have no time here at all so i can really only write one letter a week... o well.
welll i love you all and i hope this letter makes more sense then lasts weeks. my portuguese is coming but slowly. o and ps i love my sisters one of them is like a scriptorian and i pick here brain every chance i get i bet she hates it but she claims she loves it ahah well see how long it lasts until she asks me to stop bugging her. so yup there you go i love getting letters and dear elders!
love your favorite sister mish
sister corbin

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