Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aubree's First MTC Letter

AHH can you believe it! I am on a mission!! okay well this thing is way weird there is a flashing red light count down and I am still trying to figure this all out. How is everything!! there is so much to say but not enough time. I will start with when I got here. So after I wen to lunch with my friends abby and lauren drove me down to provo. we made all the way there without crying or anything it was great. then we met up with lil and we followed her car to the mtc lot and we both got out together we took a few pics and the host was waiting for us. the moment i saw lils mom cry i lost it. i looked down and lauren was holding onto me and she wouldnt let go at that moment i realized this was it! i said goodbye to everyone and let the chaos begin. my hosts took my bags and we went and checked in and pure craziness. i had to do go everywhere, get my books go to my room and then i got to meet my district! so as im on my way with my host we go up the stairs o and look its adam gasin ahah hello brother is what i said gave him a quick hand shake and moved on I walked into my classroom and met my district. I love them!! they are the best elders! we get along so well. we didnt waste anytime i walked in and they all made me say stuff in portuguese. so then i got to meet my comps yes comps i have two companions!!! one is sister michael she is from san jose very sweet and the other one is from bountiful utah very smart her name is sister smith. I am the senior companion and I have to run with it. everything is still kind of confusing but i love it! i dont know what i was expecting from the mtc but im getting the hang of it and yes blake to answer your question i am soooo tired all the time but ill get used to it. um lets see so i guess the mtc was expecting 6 brazil missionaries and got like 74! and i am only one of three sisters of the whole zone! and no one is going to my mission so basically only sister companionship and only person going to my mission but thats okay. i love being here with people i know it makes it feel like efy or something ahaha but it is def not um loved running into elder russel well have to take a picture and i saw emily wong, jamie perry and jamie jabeara also elder alviso and many others i knew up at the U. I got to send a letter home mom i hope you got it its about the shot. o and i love DEAR ELDER it is the best thing on the planet ok the restored gospel is but it is so close!!! please dear elder me if you can!! yes I got everyones dear elders and i need addresses! i never have anytime to write and barely have enough time to write this email so dont send to much email on her i prob wont have time to read it. to answer your question mom i am on the top bunk i do not need detergent and i have three roommates. i would of had four but this sister was in our room and the night we got there she is supposed to go to brazil but she has been there for 10 weeks so she got reassigned to san jose california to wait for her visa or stay there permanetly. so looks like im not going anywhere anytime soon but i hope i do!!! um the food is great its huge! i feel like a deer in the head lights everytime i walk into the cafeteria and o we have no time to eat. all day we eat and go to class ha but i love both so i am fine with it. my companions and i are going to these workout classes in the morning. we went to kickboxing yesterday so fun! i have only been here for four days and the days already are blending together!! I already know how to say a prayer in portuguese and might have to give a five minute talk in portuguese on sunday wow ask me if i was going to be able to do that last week i would have laughed. i love my teachers one is irmo zwick who went to portugal who is our language teacher and the other is irmo miles who is our pmg teacher he doesnt speak portuguese which is hard because you try to learn all you can. but since there were so many brazilian missionaries that came through they ran of teachers ha thats okay.
i hate to admit this but i brought too much stuff!!! ok blake and dad you were right and i knew you would be but hey i learned this one for myself haha be expecting a package home :) i just got so many books that no way my luggage would be less than 50 pounds o and i dont even have all the books either bc us brazilians are taking over. before i forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! o and yes i eat the cliff bars dad and mom i need flippy flops rainbows just dont cut it in the show but i might just hold off on it and see if i can get them here. I also cannot apprev here it is really hard ha cause i lov to shorten every word but i am working on it. as for me I am doing great! I love doing the lords work. already have i seen the spirt tesitfy to me that this is the real church and so many of my prayers have been answered! i keep telling myself faith over fear both my companions are worried about the language and so am i to a point but i know the lord well bless me as long as i do what he wants me to do!
thank you to everyone who wrote on dear elder it means so much to me i hope i can send some letters today but today our pday is only three hours bc our real pday is i believe friday so it will be awhile until you hear from me again! i love you all so much!
until next time...
sister corbin

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  1. Oh my gosh! Such a wonderful letter! I love it! I'm so glad she is doing so well and I will keep sending her dear elders! She is the cutest missionary i love it