Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Letter #15 She Found Me


Oi! Can you believe it is already december!!??? my bday is in less then three weeks! yes mom I got some packages! yay. I got the one with the belts and the bigger package of course i didnt wait until my bday or christmas hah it was great thanks! i will write you another email with details.. Im happy you guys had a good thanksgiving I bought some ice cream for dia das gracas aka thanksgiving. thank you for the recipes too..
well i would like to share some facts about brazil in every email. todays fact is that brazilians no matter where they are or what they are doing love to sing! its hiliarious it doesnt matter if your bad or good they sing anyway . they are also really blunt so it doesnt matter if your fat your fat or if your a bad singer welp you cant sing aha. also i would like to personally thank the sound ordenances in america. our nieghbor had a party the other night until like 6 in the morning. i felt like i was in the room it was so loud. be grateful for this law ha.
So this week was great, lots of random stuff i want to share. soo i love the juice here until the other day when this family forced me to drink this sour punch that was really old it was the first time i wanted to really throw up so far.. o and a saying here that everyone says is gracas a deus= thank g**. and i thought it was like a normal saying because even members say it al the time and i said it one time and i guess its bad and my comps laughed forever so im learning everyday ha what to say and what not to say. later that day we taught this family. it started to get dark and they didnt have a light to see so we taugh tthe whole lesson in the dark. its humbling to see how people live here i just want to help people all the time. the next day i was giving the first vision and this lady said ^oh i know this scripture its in bah blah .. i was so caught of guard i had to start over ha it was funny casue she thought i was quoting this random scrip in the bible. good thing i have two comps to help when we get stuck in awkward situations because once i start laughing i cant stop. were still working with gustavo idk if you remember him he was the one that we randomly went to his house and he was prayig for someone to come help him with his friend, well he is already in the end of alma he is great.
This past sunday was a miracle. we had prob 20 people that said they were going to church so we had to do a division with a member. i went with sister dias and we sprinted all over to get everyone and not one new person came it was really frusturating and we felt a little down. and on top of that we talked to carlos mom this week and she told us he has moved and totally gone down hill and he doesnt have a cell phone for us to get a hold of him so we couldnt bring him to church to get confirmed but we did manage to get nelio to church(a guy we baptized a few weeks ago). so were siting in church and they told nelio to get up and get confirmed and all the sudden i look over carlos touches my shoulder and gives me a thumbs up and walks up to the front to be confirmed! i was sooo happy. he came to church by himself! i dont know what his problems are but he knows where he needs to be. then after sacrament a lady named lu was in church! sister clement and i taught her about two weeks ago. she has been inactive for a long time about a year or longer and she said she wouldnt go to church for another two years bc she doesnt like the bishop.. we tried to help her understand that church is for you not the other people that go. and she came! she found me and gave me the biggest hug ever and said you dont know how much you helped me.. i almost started crying on the spot. she is great!
then we had x mas conference! yay.. i was really nervous but it went great! the lord blessed me so much. i could understand almost everything that was going on. the practices were a little hard with three of us but we managed. sometimes i dont know my place in the trio bc i only have about a month out into the field and my experience is less then everyone elses so i usually bear my testimony in default. and the elder that we were with helped me and said it doesnt matter what you say its the spirit you brought and he said when i bore my testimony it made me want to act and thats your purpose as a missionary so i felt better.and after we all had to stand up and talk about our baptisms of the month of november i was so nervous sister dias said that i spoke perfect and that i didnt have an accent! im trying to work on the language as much as i can. ive realized that when your speaking a second language you basically have to learn humility ha big time... you have to become like a child 3 nephi 11 37-38. you have to have some faith. matthew 13, only the faith of a mustard seed. i litterally take it hour by hour. im finding joy in learning everday something knew i used to get frusturated that i didnt already know a word or didnt know a phrase but now i seek for stuff i dont know.. i have been reading in mathew and related this to the parables that jesus taught. he taught in parables because those that had ears to hear and eyes that are open would see the meaning behind the parables.. those that wanted to know those that humbled themselves like unto children were the true followers of christ. im trying to become like a child and humble myself and follow the perfect example of christ.
well i love you all! brazil is great. the church is true.

sister corbin

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