Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Letter #14 This Life Is All About Converting

familia and everyoneeee!
first off congrates tucker!!! england thats great your going to love it! Study your scripsture a ton right now before you leave thats one thing i wished I did more! I treasure study times in the morning there just isnt enough time to study everything you want to out here.
Im glad to hear everything is going well. Amber thanks for the letter.. im happy you are finished with your class you will have to show me all the cool stuff you learned when im home and no mother how could i forget the second best holiday with tons of food ha i wish they celebrated it here ha. Someone said they saw my package at the office so I will hopefully get in a week or so. I got your conference one you sent but nothing else so far. It takes forever to get anything cause everything is at the office so you have to wait until an elder can get it to you. So next week is zone conference so ill get it then its our christmas conference too. Im excited but kind of nervous at the same time. Conferences are lots of practices and I still struggle with the language at times but wow have i been blessed when it comes to the lord filling my mouth. sometimes I walk away from a lesson and turn to my comp and say what did i say and we both start laughing.
well this week has been great. its been different getting used to teaching with three but im starting to like it now. I love having a brazilian companion and an american its been helping so much! It forces me to speak portugues 24/7. My companions are great i want to take a moment and talk about sister dias. love her. she is a hilarious brazilian from salvador. Her favorite color is purple i started to notice it the third day her entire wardrobe is purple hah her bag is purple even her scripture covers are purple ha. She loves to file her nails she will whip out her nail filer in a middle of lesson sometimes hah, she is terrified of dogs and never gets hungry after lunch. When i tell her im hungry around 7 she thinks im lying ha and its a mental thing. so our shower broke this week and its been really rainy so the water is literally freezing! and she didnt really care to fix it cause well she is brazilian and she likes cold showers haha but we fixed yesterday i finally feel clean. and sister hunsaker well she is great. she is always there to comfort me when she can tell when im a frusturated with the language, she knows how to cook and is always way positive. I always say things like vamos seguir o espirito when were just standing there or waiting for something.. it means lets go and follow the spirit they always laugh at me but i hate wasting time i even like to knock two to three doors at a time and sister dias made me stop. I just want to be as productive as possible.
okay some stories... did i talk about richelle michelle and richellem ya confusing.. they live alone basically in a house near a creek with no father and a mother that works all day. they raise themselves and they are the ages between 8 and 13. they are so cute. two of them are baptized and i gave them a little message about nephi and his faith to obey the lord and i related to obeying your mother and helping out and going to church.. during my lesson richelle the girl grabbed my hand sanitizer and ate it! she said doce! which means sweet ahah i quickly grabbed it from her ha and said no this not food. she was confused and wanted more. i love the little kids here. as for carlos he is great! i told him he was going to teach us about the preisthood next time we met so we showed up and he wrote 5 full pages of notes he took. legitmate. i am so proud of him and he got a job! he is super excited for his new life and cant wait to get the power of the aaronic priesthood soon. we went to his house last night and he wasnt there so well catch up with him hopefully today but i love watching his life change in a matter of weeks all it is. is first desire and then faith that the lord will bless when you follow him and keep his commandments. and yesterday was the first time i gave the first vision. i have had it memorized for a while but was always really nervous to give. so the story is we were walking on the street and i saw an opening to go into a aptmt complex i ran in and someone shut the door behind us so we were stuck until we find someone to teach. rose was the only one in the entire complex that let us in. the spirit was super strong. the moment we started she bore her soul to us about all her problems in her life and how much she needs god in her life to help her. i didnt understand all of it but we were all trying to listen carefully to the spirit to tell us what to say. i felt the spirit the whole time during the lesson and it was my turn. i finally got the courage and uttered the words of our prophet joseph smith. i completly blanked my comps kept having to tell the the next word of the next sentence but i felt the spirit so strong she started to cry and of course i did too. i dont even remember what i said but it was definitly not me. when sister dias started talking about baptism i thought for sure she would accept... she said she would have to talk to her pastor... baffled i didnt know what to say. one word. agency. as missionaries our work is exhausting not because of the hills or the walking but because of our love for the people the wieght we feel for them and the love we want them to feel through the only true church on the face of the earth. we work hard to stay worthy, teach, feel the spirit, teach by the spirit and then put it in the lords hands and when your work doesnt show it puts you down. i just have to remember that even if they dont accept its the seed we plant in thier hearts. this life is all about our own conversion. in matthew 10:33-42 it talks a little bit about this. i was reading it this morning and our greatest love needs to be toward our heavenly father nothing or no one comes before him, he that taketh not his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me.. he that findeth his life shall lose it and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. in part of what amber was saying to me in her letter its true as a misisionary you feel like you have to keep converting people.. this life is all about converting. we well all never be fully converted until our savior comes again. the lord gives us weaknesses not to bring us down but to recognize he can pull you up. i love this work. its hard, rewarding, exhausting, but its something i wake up every morning excited to do. we are all missionaries.. lets go to work..

i love you all
Sister Corbin

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