Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letter #12 Full of Miracles

tudo bem?

wow there is always so much to say... i wish my journal could be an email home to everyone because so much always happens that i dont get to write it all. It sounds like everyone is doing great! Mandyyyy killing it at manager!!! yay. Amber how is the make up classes? Brenan you getting A´s yet? dad im happy to hear about the device..december?

okay i want to share three stories with you all this week.
first one is about a random house we came to not in our area. So we got a random contact at a bus station, tried to find their address, they lied and so we got lost ha.. it happens. so we found ourselves not in our area and really confused. we thought we would just knock some doors anyway. we walked down a street and clapped at the second house. a boy 14 years old, gustavo and his dad were home and we taught them the first lesson. gustavo felt the spirit and wanted to be baptized but the dad was a little iffy about it. so we came back the next day and we taught them again with the mom. the lesson went well and gustavo said he went on the sight and started reading the bom but the parents werent interested. he speaks english and after the lesson he looked at me and said hey can i talk to you. i waslike whatttt okay yes of course i knew it was serious cause his parents dont speak english. we went outside and he said i have this friend that is getting into drugs and some bad stuff and i have been praying for about a week to find someone to help me with him.. can you help me? i said what! yes we can where does he live.. he lives outside our area so we gave him the elders phone number to call. then i realized okay wait what... we are an answer to your prayers. i took the opportunity to speak in english to let him know how much his heavenly father loves him to send him his answer. i said this is not our area we got lost and you were the first house we knocked on. he started to get tears in his eyes and i said i know you know the church is true. he was really humble and recognized the spirit. god puts us in the right place and most of the time we wont even know it.
okay this story is about carlos. we met him on the street and marked for a lesson. we taught him and his mom. carlos has alot of problems, he smokes, drinks, and is into major drugs. the first time we prayed together he held his right arm and started yelling. it was so wierd i didnt know what to do. i guess ever since he was little he has a problem with prayers he gets a shock in his arm. he is always really nervous and twitchy. we taught them the first lesson and both accpeted to be baptized. the next lesson there was no screaming and they both accepted to obey the word of wisdom. the mom loves us she always makes us eat. carlos came to church with us out of the 11 people that promised to come he was ready to go at 8 am. he is so solid now! i love watching his progression. he stopped using drungs hasnt drank since weve met with him and we committed him to stop smoking. to help him we had a fhe with the bishop. he loved it and was talking about how the atonement can help him with his prob with smoking and at the end he said i want to eat alot bc im going to fast to help me stop smoking cause i made a promise to god and these two sisters to stop. wow he is soo legit. i love finding those that are truly prepared to change. he has been a blessing and we cannot wait for his baptism on sunday. o and also my companion forgot to tell me that everyfast sunday the missionarys are supposed to bear their testimony..o great ha i went up there and said all i could and yes i shed a few tears ha and during one of our lessons he said sister corbin i appreciated your testimony yesterday i know that god will bless you i have faith he will bless you to speak portugues. he said i feel like you are so smart and have so much to stay and i know the lord will bless you so you can tell brazilians how you feel. did i mention that i love carlos... and a week ago he was a drug addict.
next story is nadia. nadia is a women that was taught about a month ago by the last sister missionaries. she accepted to be baptized but bailed and was super flakey with them afterwards. so they stopped trying well we ran into her again this week and she asked us to come back. she said you two are an answer to my prayers i told heavenly father if i saw them again or they came back to my house they were thy servants and of course we went and taught her on friday and she accepted again to be baptized. then on saturday we had strong feeling to ask her to be baptized on sunday. she had already gone to church a few times in the past and she could be baptized right away. we said a pray right before and felt the spirit again to ask her. we were both really nervous bc she only knows the first lesson basically. so we were talking around it a little and then bam sister clement with a stern voice said we dont normally do this but we want to invite you to be baptized tomorrow, for some reason the spirit is telling us to tell you. a small pause the room was filled with the spirit, tears filled in her eyes and she said yes.. yes. i felt the spirit so strong and so did sister clement there was no way anyone could deny it. we were all so happy and we started teaching her right away and then the elder called ten min later and we asked for a batismal interview and we said can you go to the church right now and she said i have to be back by 7 it was 545 we said no prob.. we had no idea if there was a way for her to get back by 7 but we had faith. the elders arrived right on time and there happened to be people at the church with a car that offered to take her. it worked out perfectly. we were so excited for her but as soon as you get a high you have to be prepared for a low. nadia didnt show up to church, her baptism nor was home when we called or went to her house. we were stunned. we finally got a hold of her monday and she had some doubts and was on some sights and she said she didnt want to be baptized anymore. and at that moment i dont know what i said but i started to speak. i said did you not feel the spirit on sat? this is what the lord wants for you.. of course satan wants to temp you bc he knows this the true church. i dont know if she understood all that i said but she accepted to keep studying with us and have her baptism this saturday.
this work is all about faith. we do all we can to teach people by the spirit help them feel the spirt and change their lives for the better. but sometimes i forget people have what we call AGENCY we can help people feel the spirit but they can chooose to ignore it. this week was full of miracles. i have felt the saviors love for this people more then i ever have before. everytime someone doesnt except i try to imagine how the savior felt when he was rejected when he was here. i only feel 1/10000 of the love he feels for these people. i just want them to know that they have the kingdom down thier street they can live with thier family forever and that god has a plan for you... its so SIMPLE AND PERFECT why doesnt every single person want this? i just have to put full faith in the lord and he will take care of me and everyone else according to his will and his plan. sometimes i wish i knew the plan ha
this scripture is great 1 nephi 21; 15-16 also in isiah. our heavenly father will and cannot ever forget you.

i love you all
ate semana proxima]
sister corbin
ps sorry for the randomness of this weeks email
pss lauren or abby or someone tell scott barth that i am with elder santiago he is sooo legit! he is the companion of our zone leader and see him like three times a week, he is doing great.
psss mom i might send home my recorder with sister clement bc its super expensive to ship home so ill keep you posted on that. ill keep lookking for your packages and to answer some questions yes i carry around snacks i have a somewhat washer no dryer there is a big market where i get food so everything is good for now i love you!

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