Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Letter #13 Perservere Until the End


Hello everyone!
Another week has gone by.. its so crazy, its going by really fast, the days are long but the weeks are fast its wierd ha. okay sooo it was transfers today! i am not with sister clement anymore, she is going home today. she asked for a second transfer but the president told her it was her time to go on monday so we were rushed to help her pack and get everything ready. I am going to miss her so much, she has been such a good example to me and well miss all our crazy times together. Okay i gave her a few things to take home. so lauren she is going to contact you in utah and give you stuff hah i told her to look you up on facebook. i gave her my x rays from the doctor so taylor can look at them. its inflammation which we basically already knew and they told me to take motrin everyday for two to three weeks ask taylor if he thinks this a good idea. i also gave her my watch and some jewlery, jeans and the recorder for christmas. you are on file c and lauren yours is on file d i hope this all makes sense but she will contact you guys this week probably. I am STAYING IN VENDA NOVA and i got two new companions! sister dias is brazilian and this is her last transfer and sister hunsaker she has been out for 6 months. its perfect because i will be forced to talk portuguese all the time and if i dont know what sister dias says i can turn to sister hunsaker. the lord is blessing me all the time. its perfect the way everything has worked out and i love venda nova the people here are so great. so i am excited ill let you know how teaching with three is that might be the hardest part. also i havent gotten any packages yet they might be at the office but i went last week and they werent there. thats okay im patiently waiting... before i forget. EMMy i got your invitation so cute!! congradulations i wish i was there for your day but you know i love you and do some of my dance moves for me this week alot has happened. remember nadia from last week well we still havent found her she disappeared off the face of the earth so we have given up on her... sometimes when a persons feels the spirit and then denys it there is nothing else you can do but pray for them. but carlos was baptized!!!! i love carlos he is so great!! on friday for his interview he didnt show up so we ran to his house and he was throwing up.. he fell and drank last night and was super sick that morning. he felt horrible and way embarrassed he went to the interview and said i cant live my life like this anymore i need to change i want to get baptized and then saturday (being an ex drug addict) this kid came to him and asked him to buy him drugs and he would pay him too and he said no i am getting baptized tomorrow in the church of jesus christ of later day saints and shut the door ahah he is so great. the baptism was great and his whole family is interested now they read the book of mormon together everyday. its such a priveledge to see peoples live change day by day striving to live the principles of the gospel. carlos is the perfect example of this. we also have an investigator right now named christiane she is already in 2nephi 28 crazy! she has had the bom for a week. her life is really hard she has two children with not job but wants to have a better life...but sometimes people can be funny too. nelio is a man we baptized my first week in the field and he has yet to be confirmed so everyday me and sister clement would go to his house and he wouldnt be there. so on monday we went and his window was open and he was sleeping so we yelled his name he kind of woke up and pretended to fall back asleep we stood there at the window 10 feet from him yelling at him to wake up haha. he was pretending to not hear us i grabbed a little rock and hit his leg and did all i could to get his attention bird noises included. after 20 min we left, sometimes people will do anything to run away from you ha
brazil is still amazing the work has just begun. i love you all, stay strong, the church is true, this life isnt always easy for if it was there would be no point, perservere until the end thats what we do

a little love from brazil
sister corbin
ps i am still not used to the hills here they are crazy my chicken legs/calves want to explode after everyone ha
ps mom i am still getting bit but not as bad. i need off asap
pss people that want to send me packages i would love simple things haha like peanut butter, cliff bars, food is good aha bc here its expensive and the candy isnt the best. pens are great and sticky pads. whatever is great! i will think of more next week
mom- no there will be no skyping but i prob go to a members house or go to the church and use a members phone and we only can talk for about 45 min or so i think. i hope i am answering all your questions

thank you for all the emails even though i cant email back i like to get them!! mail is good too.:)

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