Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter #11 GET OUT OF THE WAY!

wow so much to say like usual! Im excited to get your little packages mom. I sent you a letter in the mail with my camera chip it will prob take 15 days i hope it doesnt get lost or anything, my comp is making me nervous bc sometimes her mail doesnt get home, so let me know as soon as you get it. oh ya is there anyway you could send me a little english bofm like mini mini? also i would love to hear from the family.. aka amber?blake?amanda?bren? what is going on in thier lives....

I am getting eaten ALIVE, the bugs love me here!!! i spray off, have a fan, use a blanket and i finally broke out the net bc it was getting ridiculous ha but im proud to report two days with no bites well so far. but i love brasil, the culture again is amazing, there is always little kids on the street playing soccer and i always want to play with them ha everyone has a little baby... everyone. and they are all so cute! i hate the dont play with or hold babies rule just makes me think of little daners and zoe. o and i played the uke with this little boy walking home the other night, it was great! i miss my uke.
okay so i went to the hospital today and last friday.. dont freak out everything is fine, my shoulder has just been hurting from my backpáck so i got some tests done to see what they can do, i hopé it helps.

okay so this week has been full of ups and downs like crazy. ill start by explaining juliana. i dont remember if i told you about her much but she is great.. we have been teaching her for a while now and she was supposed to get baptised this last sunday. she is 22 and she is basically an orphane she has been passed around as a child to about 4 different foster familys. she stopped going to school so she could work for her family, so whenever we met with her we had to read the book of mormon wiht her so she could understand it. last friday her brother came in and we were teaching him the commandments and she was totally on our side telling him what to do and what not to do. he started feeling the spirit and i told him that we were representatives of jesus christ here to help you and sister clement decided we should all say a prayer to ask for the truth and then bam! door opened sprit gone= satan. one thing about brazil is that it is soooo loud and everyones home is just an open party. then on saturday was her interview she seemed different when she left the interview. our elder said that he still felt that she could be baptized. soo all day we were anxious to find out what happened to her as we were tracting we got shut down by everyone. person after person said no and by the time we got to julianas house she told us that she didnt want to be baptized anymore. my heart was broken. i have never wanted anything more for anyone else before. i was starting to love her, i saw her grow, i saw her change and in one day she said she didnt want it. as we left i tried to brush it off but it was my first time my first real progressing investigator denyed me and christ. my companion is great and said well we need to keep working and went to a door and then got turned down again. by now my spirit was really low. it was then time to go to camilas house, camila is 17 got baptized my first sunday and is soooo great! we were talking about what she read in the bom and she said i ran across the scrip that i wanted to share with you it was 3 nephi 28;34. it says the people that dont except the servants of the lord dont except christ and wont surely accept him at the last day. me and sister clement looked at each other and laughed bc camila was an answer to our prayers. this week i have been praying for dilligence and sometimes the lord wants to test our faith too to see how were doing with trusting him and his work. not shortly after camilas house we went to a house and marked 2 new baptismal dates. the lord tests us everyday, its simple we just need to have faith in him that he is leading us on the right path.

Elder Bednar was this friday and it was AMAZING! he is sooo great!. the first thing he said to us was this is not a meeting are you ready to work... i almost peed my pants i was thinking what is he going to make us do. he turned the meeting into an experience. i have never felt the spirit so strong. he knows how to be funny, normal and obedient without loosing the spirit. he talked mostly about faith and how we are agents and not objects. we are agents that need to act in faith and GET OUT OF THE WAY of the spirit. we are not the teachers at all, simply instruments in the lords hands. we have to go with confidence, and let the spirit guide you. he said dont worry about it, trust that he is leading you with out always telling you. just be good if your doing your best your steps will be guided and most of the time you wont even know it.
this happened to me yesterday actually i just had a feeling to go down a street and then i got the impression to knock or clap ha at this specific door. we taught a grandma and her neice they both accpeted to be baptized and were excited to keep teaching them. the spirit isnt loud or something noticable, you just have to follow the little things. most of the time investigators are wating for a big sign and i tell them it wont ever come. sometimes in our lives we expect that too. we just have to faith, everything comes down to this priniciple more and more that i think about it. its hard to be as positive as you dad! you have more faith then anyone i know, im trying to become like you and think of what you would say in situations... i miss you. i love you all, the language is yes still hard, but trusting the lord to fill my mouth is all i have right now. Have faith - elder bednar

sister corbin

ps mom i met sister ward for like 5 secs
pss lauren tell emmy to send me an invite to her wedding!
psss taylor pollei - what is the verdict on the leg situation me and my comp are dying to know!!!!

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