Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Letter #10 It's Worth Seeing the Change


I have so much to say, I feel like weeks are years bc so much has happened! And I forgot to tell you the best news last week. Elder Bednar is coming to our mission!!!! yes Elder B is coming this friday! i am so excited!! an apostle has yet to come for about two years or so. I love how whenever im struggling or need something the lords sends me an apostle, last time it was elder holland and this time elder bednar... its going to be great!
Brazil is sooo great! im loving it... thats wierd mom that venda nova looked clean on google maps well i guess parts are clean but where i live is really poor. the culture here is really different but i love it. its always really loud that can be a good or bad thing sometimes, they are always playing american music too justin beber is always playing ha. Everyone thinks me and sister clement are twins bc we are blonde and blue eyed, no one can ever say my name its really hard here in minas bc they dont pronounce the r like they do in sao paulo. so my name is sister cooobeein or something like that i need to find out how to say my name ha. the women here are really open about there babies they let them breast feed up until they are three or four kind of awk.. o did i mention the food is amazing.. MOM they make the best empinada i would eat it everyday if i could soo good, they werent kidding about the bread and the cheese here its on every corner a little bread shop, dont get me wrong its way good but all i eat is bread ha and of course beans and rice and lottsss of meat!
so everyday we walk everywhere finding and teaching people. its amazing to me how many times we teach a lesson somehow if we try our best we will feel the spirit. the brazilians are so accepting here. even if they dont like you or dont want to hear your message they will invite you in give you water and juice and make you eat something ha. so on friday we were trying to catch the bus to get to an appointment and we saw it coming and we ran for 2 mins screaming and yelling to make it stop it was hillarious. but if we had missed it i wouldnt have doubted we were supposed to. i dont get mad when things dont go according to plan bc sometimes our plans arent what our heavenly fathers plans are for us. this work is hard, im tired every min of the day, hungry usually, and still struggling with the language but no one said it was easy running the lords errand i guess i realy know now. the people we meet are amazing. the baptisms we had were amazing! but this work has its ups and downs like always. we had 20 people tell us they were coming to church on sunday, they committed to come and two showed up. we got up early running around town to wake people up. the hardest thing to do is getting them church. at church i stood up awkwardly as they introduced me ha and helped our investigators. the baptisms were after church and they were all excited except for camila, she is 17 years old and is sooo amazing. she was super nervous, so we just had to talk to her and help her understand what she was doing was right. when she got in the font she freaked out when the pray was over and wasnt sure what to do, she flung here had back in anticipation and yelled descupe descupe which means sorry. she is sooo cute she wanted to be baptized already that she was anxious enough to leave the elders arms into the water ahahah me and sister clement loved it. after we went to a members house to eat. they had an amazing cassarole. so here you have to eat two plates regardless if you are hungry so i did. and the father of the house said you done? i wasnt sure what to say he asked how many plates i had and i said two and he said you need at least three or four, he told me i ate like a little bird haha i was soo fulll i tried with all my might to eat half a plate. my prob is that the juice here is amazing!!! i just have to slow done keep it to one glass of juice and make sure they see me eat ha im working up strategies. they dont really eat dinner so your lunch is your one meal of the day.
okay there are so many people we are teaching i dont ever know where to begin. Adilson is a married man waiting to be baptized. He killed someone ten years ago for his job as a security guard and is waiting to get approval of the 1st presidency. he has been wating for over a year and he is starting to loose faith we try to visit him twice a week to keep his hopes up. we also taught a woman named fabiani she has a 9 year old and 1 year old and she accepted to be baptized, that is not the hardest part here in brazil its getting past that and bringing them to church and keeping the commandments. and now i want to talk about juliana she is 22 and is so golden if she could only realize her potential. i have never wanted anything more then to speak this language. it is so hard when you have something you want to stay and dont have the words to say it. during a lesson i felt so strongly to bear my testimony of trials growing up in a high school with not many good influences around me and how sometimes it isnt easy to follow the lord but i told her it takes faith and after you trial of faith you will then only then receive blessings.. sometimes i cry during my testimonies bc all i want to do is share what is in my heart but i cant always find the words to say... i just collect myself and do the best i can putting all my faith in the spirit that they may feel the love that i feel for them. i pray every night for juliana to realize how much her heavenly father loves her. i didnt think i could feel so much love for someone i barely know. its just a slight glimpse of what our father in heaven feels for us. its amazing doin this work, its really hard, but its worth seeing the change in peoples hearts.
this friday with elder bednar we are talking about faith. in D&C 8:9-10 comes to mind... remember that without faith you can do nothing therefore ask in faith..that i will grant unto you and you shall have knowledge concerning it. i try to have faith that i can still teach these people everyday with the little portugues i know, i know the lord is blessing me, he always does... first takes faith then action then your agency to reep the blessings.

i love you all
sister aubre corbin

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