Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Letter #8 Will they read it?

Hello family and friends- first off i would like to apologize for the craziness of my letters the keyboards here dont always work and the enter button doesnt work at all so all my thoughts are altogether. ill try harder to make it understandable. entao... i have some much i want to share with everyone but mom im writing you another letter through missionties. okays so last week wed we got to go to the police department to figure out our visa stuff and we ran into elders that have been there for 1 and 6 months they struggled speaking english to us it was hillarious this one elder was going home in two weeks and he couldnt put sentences together it gave us all hope that we will be able to speak one day.o and mom rememeber when you said you wont ever have to wash your skirts unless you spill on them ahah false i happen to manage to spill on my skirt once a day idk why it just happens so ihave been washing my skirts like crazy before i leave.on thursday amber my watch broke!! i was soo sad i put it on and bam on the marbles and everything on the floor i am currently watchless and miss my beautiful gift from you ha i cant put it bakc together im not that talented.. but i will try. okay so friday was our last to proselyte. it was so great. we all prayed that we would have good weather this time. it wasnt looking so good but right when we got into the bus.. sunny so beautiful. so we got dropped off at the exact location of last time and we were all excited and my elders of course were like you go first.. okay so we went up to this man already was a member uhh what thats wonderful we moved on then i said hey lets go sit with this man. we walked over and stared talking to him, he had lost of questions and we understood alot more of what they were saying this time he pulled out this little card and was trying to show us this scrip but the convo was going now where so we decided we would move on we said thank you but then all the sudden the wind picked up so bad my skirt was flying everywhere so i had to sit right back down just on the other side of him it was kind of awkward but i didn tknow what to do i remembered that i brought my rain coat so the elders gave it to me in hopes it would keep my skirt down. in this process the man scooted closer to me and said explain more.. i gave hime the book that he refused to take 30 secs ago and said i promise that if you read this book god will answer you prayers an let you know it is true. it took it from me and said i will! wellp looks like the lord wasnt done with him yet and he needed me to ask him one more time to take the book. i felt the spirit so strong when i walked away i wonder what will happen to those people that we give the book of mormons too. will they read it? will they call the number? i guess will never know until later. then one more story towards the end it was my turn and again and i went up to this man and started talking about the church he said he heard about it but was evangelical i kept talking to him anyway.. my comps said nothing i did it all by myself it was the first time i didnt need any back up. he took the book and was seemingly happy and so was i. we walked away and the elders said muito bom meaning very goood i feel like the language is coming..slowly very slow but coming. then our teacher took us around down town sao paulo and saw some historical sites.. have you gotten any pics yet? he said he would send them. then on saturday 26 elders got there visas and were coming from provo i was so excited we all ran downstairs to check luggages and i saw two of my other districts names we ran to lunch and they werent there so we waited and they all burst through the door and all of us that went to provo jumped up and met t hem at the door i was sooo happy my smile hurt. i gave not only two of them but 4 of them the biggest handshake of their life. one of the elders said this is what its going to feel like in the celestial kingdom haha.. reunion i talked to them the whole time and they filled me in on what i missed back in provo they said they kept doing my dance moves and never forgot about me i guess do wierd dance moves not on purpose but just when im excited or really happy.. sunday i finally gave a talk considering there is only 12 people in our branch me being the only sister ha. o and i finished the doctrine and convenants!! yay on monday me and elder turner taught a lesson together with no notes and just the bible it was great! okay this is going to be my last email for two weeks because im leaving next tues ahhhh yes my mtc life is coming to an end am i ready idk but i know i wont be alone when i leave but mom yes i am taking a flight its about an hour and yes i am going to be alone again bc no one is going to belo kind of sad but thats okay ill just have the best brazilians comps ever. anyway so today was my last time going to the temple for a very long time and i prayed for something i dont know exactly what but something special. we got there and this day just keeps getting better. i had this one name that a sister gave to me then about five min later another sister came up to me and said your last name is corbin right and i said yes and she goes well ihave a sisters name with the last name corbin.... what? yes all the way in brazil i did a corbin name int he sao paulo temple mom- her name is emaline corbin married to adam cooper dile in dec of 1842 in millcreek pa. it was so great! i felt the spirit so strong more then i ever have before and it was emotional having to say goodbye to the best place on earth for 16 months but i know the lord is sending me to do his work so people can have that same feeling i had today.. and it gets better we leave and me and sister dunford go sit on the bus early and the sister couple cant speak portugues really well and she asked if i would tell the bus driver about the temple and explain the book of mormon bc he had qeustions about his pass along card. so i bore testimony of the temple and how great it is to have in our lives. i love you all so much! i miss you all everyday but these scrips i read in the d and c just barely are great so read them when you get a change136 31-33 the lord is preparing us to meet him in his kingdom and the last one is 138 55-56 we are the chosen people...the lord expects us to fly so lets do it! love sister corbin

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