Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Letter #7 Help Other Travelers

hellllo familia!!! what you went to az for conf sooo fun!!! i miss zoe and daners of course tay and ambs too! i didnt get to talk to gma? can she call me? and yes i have zero time always so i cant ever read emails please sign up for the missionties k i love you. ko so ill start from last week. um wed is pizza night there pizza is way different my fav is choc and banana pizza ask me how many slices i had um three nbd i got sooo sick that night i felt delirious our TE teacher was making fun of me cause my head hurt and i was speaking all kinds of wrong portugues ha o and i met this new sister! she is from pennsylvania and she knows jenna mettra she came up to me at dinner and just gave me a hug and i was like this is wierd and then she told me that was from jenna boo and it all made sense her name is sister dunford she is way cool she was born in rio and has dual citizenship so she knows alot of portugues already um on thursday i decided that i didnt knwo who to say this one word in portugues its super hard to pronounce its barulho and al the brazilians were helping me say it so now everywhere i go they just look at me and say that word aha its funny on friday o dont worry taught a whole lesson in portugues to brasilians without notes sooo hard! but it some how happened it was great pracitice. all the brazilians think im funny slash crazy bc i just shout random portugues words all the time. okay saturday! we had trc with brazilians with no notes no nothing. so i woke up getting ready for the lesson and yes my legs started itching for those of you that know me this is a bad sign when they itch they dont stop i went down stairs to class and it got worse i ran up stairs and wrapped my legs in blanket praying my heart out that it would stop so i could teach in 5 min! i got up and slowly walked downstairs and bam healed! umm what. thank you heavenly father. i love him. he is always answering my prayers here no matter how stubborn i am sometimes. so we taught our lesson it was recorded and also super intimidating. the first session of 15 min ididnt say much bc the brazilians were doing all the talking but the next 15 min part i wanted to talk and i felt the spirit guide what i wanted to say. i love being able to trust the spirit as a missionary. it just takes faith. at the end we watched ourselves and yes i sound horrible but when we left the room we listened to what they said and they said we did really good i dont if they were just being nice or what but im glad they understood some of the stuff we said. ok then it was conference sooooooooooo gooooood!!!! so good um okay so idk if you know this yet but we need missionaries especially in brazil we need 1000 missionaires here by dec or they are shutting down 6 missions which is nao bom soo i was like pres monson is going to talk about this and sure enough the second thing he said was go on missions!!! i love being in brazil its such a beautiful country and the people are great i cant wait to actually serve but also terrified that im leavin gin 2 weeks! so i want to take this opportunity and thank you mom and dad for all that you do this conference made me realize that i dont say it enough.. ILOVEYOU and THANKYOU for everything. you are why i am here today i am so blessed to have the best parents in the world alot brazilians here dont have the support at home like i do alot of thier families are not even members and it makes me sad cause they dont have the loving caring family in the gospel like i do. i just want to say thank you for bein who you are and the rest of the fam of course. i loved uctdorfs talk too... slow down.. take it easy or how dad would say thats it haha i love it. im trying to do that here slow down and focus on what really matters. you experience lots of ups and downs here bc its a different country different people and i feel alone sometimes bc i dont have a comp dont worry mom ill have one int he field but right now there are only three american sisters in the whole place. the advisary will drag you down at your weakest moment when i start thinking about how i cant speak portugues he tears me down but i have to stay positive and trust in the lord.. faith over fear right? then the next day conference soo good as well. on our break i was in my room writing and talking to sister dunford and noticed the other sister was crying i remembered what uctdorf said help other travelers in this journey i ran over to her and let her cry in my arms for like 5 min she was really home sick i cheered up and told her she was amazing then i went downstairs to get advice about my leg itchyness and found the couples wives croshaing(okay seriously cant spell in either lang) i walked in and we got to talking about sewing and how my mom is the best sewer in the world. you never know when or how you will meet someone but i want to meet everyone. all of gods children are unique and i can meet and remember the ones that come into my life the better i will become. conference was amazing i know you all loved it. then on saturday it was a big laugh fest everything is funny when your a missionary i dont know what we were laughing about but alli know is that we were laugh crying for 5 mins i felt like there was laughing gas in the room. then today my portugues roommates left for the field i wil miss them. my turn is around the corner! i miss and love you all! stay strong in this journey it will be well worth it in the end.
love sister corbin
ps im super sad about gma ihope she is doing alright i love you dad im glad we went and saw her befor i left. she is in my prays
pss i hope these letters make sense i cant speak any language at the moment and mom pday = tues please missiontie meeeeeeeee

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