Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Letter #16 The Greatest Work

oi! This week was great!It's super hot here right now and rains whenever it wants to ha its wierd its even super hot in the rain. Brazil is great, the fruit here is ridiculously good! i love mangos! i never used to love mangos until now ha they are great and they eat them for dessert. It is wierd for them to eat fruit with your meal.
well this week was great. I want to talk a little bit about this family we are teaching right now. Elismar is the mother, she isnt married and has 6 kids, four live at home and one is in prison for drugs. Maira is her daughter,15 then charli,11, then moira 8, jovanna 4. We have been teaching them off and on for about two weeks because maira is a jehova witness and is really hard to teach sometimes. but she always has the best questions and we know she wants to know more. so last friday we went over there and she wanted to know what this life was about so read alma 34:32 with her. she ´speaks a little bit of english and she asked me to speak in english. when we ask her to go to church with us she always says no. so i said what do you not understand? this is life is not a life of procrastination, we need to prepare now, go to church now... something took over me i wanted to help her so bad but there is a point where you can only do so much until the person has to help themselves. after my companions were happy i was super strict with her because she needs to act or she wont get an answer.
this sunday they all came to church except maira. they all loved it. it was testimony meeting and carlos bore his testimony!!! I was so happy, he is completely changing his life. He still doesnt have a place to live so we cant go visit him but he is truly changing, he even stayed after church to get a bishops interview. after church we went to elismars house and moira(8 years old) wants to get baptized and bore her testimony to us about how much she liked church and about her readings in the book of mormon. i wanted to film it it was so cute.
funny story this week: after pday last week we were knocking doors and this cute grandma answered and he couldnt hear very well so we decided we would just sing her a song. but i didnt think it was a good idea bc she litterally couldnt hear. we basically had to scream the song and sister dias was the only one that could talk to her without laughing. for some reason i got the giggles and couldnt stop laughing. this poor cute little gma we wanted to sing to but she couldnt hear and we couldnt talk to her with out yelling in her ear. it was the first time i couldnt control my laughter in a lesson, we had to leave ha but we gave her a pamphelt and invite anyways.
yesterday we went over to visit maira and help her get answer to her question. she is really confused right now about what church to go to and what is right. she is just really stubborn. more then half way through the lesson i started to bear my testimony about answers to prayers she asked me to talk in english again and it was so much harder then i thought i couldnt speak english. i told her that heavenly father wouldnt answer her prayer unless she has an open heart, he loves you that much he wont tell you unless your willing to act and change your life. i started to tear up a little bit because the spirit was really strong. sister hunsaker helped me and said this is the spirit this is the answer you want. she never felt anything like it and was confused. I think i started to cry because when I speak in english its sincere im not looking for words or how to say something i am speaking from my heart.. i thought this crying thing would go away ha. but i guess thats how i feel the spirit. were still helping her and want her to just open her heart. The sad part is is that moira cant get baptized alone so either the Elismar the mom has to get married or maira has to get baptized with her. we dont want to tell moria it will break her heart but we have to tell her tonight.
scripture for the week last week i talked a little about children matthew 18:1-5. We have to become like little children in order to enter into the kingdom. i have been watching moira only 8 years old want to learn more about this gospel at such a young age. children are so innocent and pure, she actually teaches me more then we teach her when we go to her house. and i love this scrip in 2 nephi 16:8 isiah is talking with the lord and the lord says who shall i send and isiah says send me... i am ready and isiah says for how long shall i go and the lord says in 11 until the work is complete... this work is just beginning, there is so much to do. I am happy here in brazil doing my little part of the greatest work we can be a part of..
até proximo semana
Sister Corbin

(This picture is of Aubree's Branch President and downtown Sao Paulo)

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