Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Letter #18 Feliz Natal - Lizards a Leaping?

Merry Christmas!!! or Feliz Natal!

I cannot believe x mas is already here its crazy! o mom i got your two packages! OMG they were great! well I only opened one because I want to wait for xmas morning to open the other one but yessss oreos how did you know and ranch packet yesssss i will make it next transfer, the shirt was so cute! i needed earings and pens it was perfect thank you thank you! it said it was stamped on nov 9 so I should have gotten them during the christmas conference but they didnt bring them for me. I am so excited to talk to you guys! I only have 40 min not much time at all but i wrote another email explaining everything. o i got our christmas card too.
Well this week has been different.last friday we got a call from the president and he told us to come into the office. we were all so nervous because he didnt tell us why.. We got there and he just helped us out. we spent about 3 hours with him talking, learning figuring out ways to improve. I didnt think it would this hard in a trio. but i am grateful for this learning experience it has truly been a blessing for me. we talked alot about power and authority that we have... I forget this sometimes as a missionary we have authority to preach the gospel we have the power to teach through the spirit and only through the spirit will we find his elect.we can teach all day long but if someone doesnt open their heart it results to nothing. this meeting was something we all needed. i love our president, he is truly inspired and called of our heavenly father to do his work. i love my companions were teaching different and started to work together in different ways and we only have one more week together of course. im excited to find out about transfers but a little nervous too. were getting two new sisters one american one brasiliera.
o my birthday was great.. well it was just another day ha as a missionary but dont worry i bought some ice cream of course i found a kind that looks like and tastes like cookie dough so good! sister hunsaker made me a cake that we ate that night. i recorded it dont worry ha.
funny story for the week. i was saying my prayers about to go to bed i look up in my net and there is a LIZARD in my net looking directly down at me! when i get nervous or scared i talk in english i said o my gosh o my gosh sister dias didnt know what was going on. sister hunsaker came over laughing trying to help me get it out and then it jumped on her haha we all started screaming and running to catch it to throw it outside it was hilarious... how it got into my net idk but it was funny and sister dias thought it was just normal and she wanted to kill it ha. oh we got our shower fixed today i think. no more showers in the bucket yay!
the work is slow right now but were working hard and being obedient. im personally trying to do everything i can to become a better missionary everyday. im loving just observing everything. as a trio i get to have two companions to learn from. i love this scripture in 2 nefi 28:30... i will give unto the children of men line upon line precept upon precept for they shall learn wisdom and those that recieveth i shall give more. i love this promise if we do our part he will do his. and in 32 it says that his arm is stretched out all the day long just waiting for us.. waiting for us to accept so he can bless us. in this time of christmas i cant help but feel the saviors love everywhere i go especially being a missionary. i am his representative.. what a priviledge. i want everyone to know that i have a personal testimony that our savior lives he bled and died for us, for everyone, so that we can one day accept him take his arm and walk with him. i love our heavenly father who sent his beloved son. his plan for us is so simple i love in second nephi, nephi says i write in plainness because my soul delighteth in plainness. well the gospel is simple too in 2 nephi 31: 20-21 its written plain and clear just the way it should be.. press forward with steadfastness in christ having a perfect brightness of hope and a love of god and all men, press forward feasting upon the words of christ and endure to the end. for there is no other way to enter into the kingdom. thats what we all want. THE KINGDOM.. right dad? i love you all with all my heart. i love the work, i love our savior i love this time we have to celebrate his birth and what he has done for us.
keep strong and have a merry christmas for me!
sister aubree lyn corbin

ps i cant wait to talk to you all yay! 40 min is not long enough
(this picture is of an Elder from the Sao Paulo CTM, noticed the matching tie?)

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