Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Letter #20 Take A Hold Of This New Year and Run With It...

Can you believe its 2011? Im excited for this year. This time next year I will be in my last transfer It is wierd to think about. So i want to `kill it´ as blake would say this year... and YES we drink tons of guarana ha ha. They always give it to you for lunch for special occasions and when the missionaries are over its always special but all i really want is juice ha. Yay im excited for the next package! and excited for windis wedding coming up i saw their picture so cute! Oh and I made a dvd of all the pics of these two transfers so im sending you my chip today so you can erase it all when you send it back. Well, im loving pampulha, even though its only 15 min from venda nova its so different. They actually have a super market! and a subway with a mcdonalds icecream place dont worry already had an ice cream from there today ha ha. Being a little more rich its harder to get into peoples houses. This sister before with sister rueckert, sister ward, when she first saw me she said good luck. Lately pampulha hasnt had many baptisms and the work has been slow. But i promised myself that i would never listen to anyone when they say an area is bad or slow because its all about the work. The first day together with sister rueckert, i started clapping at a door and she said wait how are we going to teach? and i said with the spirit ha. and thats how its been this past week. I love being with her, we feed off one another and she loves it when im bold with people. only problem is that were both american so some people comment on our accent and decide not to listen. but we know that the elects will listen.I love the ward, the members are great and are excited to help. we want to use them in anyway that we can. we started working this week in an area more poor. we found teresina there, during the lesson she touched her arm and was like ´nossa´ what is that... we told her it was the spirit. she was way happy and couldnt wait for us to come back. right after it started to down pour. we were in this little dirt road and it turned into a flood. we were walking in water up to our knees almost fell a few times ha but we made it out. its been super rainy this week it wont stop but its a good break from the sun! speaking of rivers funny story for the week. we were teaching a lady that has already been with the elders a few years ago. she excepted to be baptized but only in a river bc jesus was baptized in a river so we said if we find you a river will you be baptized she thought about it for a while then said no.. ha people will say anything else rather then just say no. they are too nice here they dont know what to do when you ask them to be baptized ha. Im loving it here in brazil im really excited for this transfer its going to be a good one, new year, new companion, more baptisms. I have been reading in jacob and in 4:13 it says that the spirit will testify of all things for the salvation of our souls and in 6-7 we have to be able to rely on the lord through our weaknesses so we can grow. I love you all, have faith, never waver from the gospel for it is the only path to take us back. take ahold of this new year and run with it.até mais
sister corbin
(In the picture above, this is all the sisters heading out into all parts of Brasil in the Sao Paulo CTM. Aubree's saying goodbye to everyone, hence the tears. A farewell photo...)

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