Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Letter #21 I Know I'm Planting Seeds

Oi!!!nossa another week already... I feel like this transfer is going by really fast. im still waiting for everyones packages and stuff. im going to the mission office either this week or next week so ill keep everyone posted!! wow where do I begin. This week has been different. i dont know how to put it but a change in my mission. these past two months have been really hard. we havent had a baptism in a while and our hopes were a little down this week. last week i hit this point where i didnt know if heavenly father was going to bless us.. for about a min i doubted that all this hard work was for nothing. the mission is hard because you put in all this love and effort for people you hardly know because you want what is best for them and then nothing happens. i sat wondering if what i was doing was even helping... only having a couple months out on the mission im still learning everyday and sister rueckert only has 9 months and is really nervous to be senior. I have had to step it up these past couple weeks and help out. it doesnt help that sister r gets lost everywhere ha so i help with directions alot. i started questioning everything. as a missionary i have alot of goals maybe too many goals, i want to do everything i can to be a good missionary and as i thought about these things i looked down at my planner and sister hunsaker (my last comp) wrote a quote for me` as disciples of our savior, we are not merely striving to know more, rather we need to consistantly do more of what we know is right and become better´. i thought, im missing the most important step.. applying the gospel in my life as a missionary and becoming better. Being here your on your own its your faith its your testimony, no one knows your past your life or your family. Its you and the lord along with your companion. how could i be so selfish.. i chose to be here and i know im planting seeds. at that very moment i chose to have faith. more faith then i have ever had. i chose to be happy no matter what. the last couple transfers i feared to have faith that the lord would just bless us but thats the beauty of the gospel he will bless us if we do our part. its so simple its so much easier to have faith than to not. these past couple days i have been teaching different, looking at everyone as a child of god and truly trying to have faith and knowing that the lord will bless us. i have no doubt he will. i hope this all makes sense. but i am so happy to be serving the lord and doing his work. i think i had to doubt for one minute to realize that there is no room for doubt when you have faith. i read d and c 6 this week that was amazing especially the end. 33-37. fear not to do good for if ye are built upon my rock they cannot prevail. look unto me in every thought doubt not fear not be FAITHFUL and keep my commandments and ye will inherit the kingdom. i love the part built upon my rock... if you choose to have a firm foundation nothing can tear you down not a door in your face or a lost investigator your testimony is your own... also doubt cannot be with faith so i chose to have faith bc the promise of the kingdom is what i want and i know the people of brazil want it too. i love it so simple.. its the kingdom! i love you all! Have faith, never doubt and let the lord,sister corbin

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