Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letter #62 We got People to Find...let's go!

Patience is the topic of this letter

im glad you sent the package already bc the mail is extremely slow right now bc brasil is still on strike with the whole mail situation so i hope i get it soon. i think im still missing one package that didnt arrive, o i went to the federal police today and resolved everything with that im not ilegal anymore ahah i can stay here at least till sept 2012.
welp alot has happened this week and im learning every day how to have more patience and trust in the lords time.. sister barão and i have been working really hard trying to find people to teach.. its been a struggle to get people to give the right address that live in our area. everyone just works here and lives somewhere else. my work effort hasnt changed but the results are slow. i feel sometimes.. i hope im not doing anything wrong. where are the blessings? sister barão was gettin discouraged but i tell her everyday we have to have patience well find the elects, the lord will show them to us. this sunday was the primary program so cute! we had a few people in church but no one solid. i love the members, they call me gringa or "gringinha" one sister in the ward made feijão which is a heavy lunch with all kinds of meat i mean litterally everything including feet,ears, fat..everything and she said sorry gringa ill make potatoes for you next time ha i love her she is so funny. president parrella has two counselors that help him with everything and they are both in my ward. they had a meeting last week and president parrella told them " you guys have the best sister i have, if you guys dont help her with references im taking her out" then he told them that i was in the top 10 that baptize here in the mission. i didnt know what to say when they told me that i felt honored, surprised and humbled. this means that i dont know how long i will stay here with sister barão.. then pres told them that she is dangerous ha she baptizes rich or poor it doesnt matter she teaches with the spirit.... wow i didnt know what to say i felt the pressure for sure bc the results havnt been coming. it wasnt until sunday night the blessings started to come. we found our first true elect here. when sister barão invited her to be baptized she said " yup this is the church of christ" we left and sister barão said ! they exist!" haha we got really excited to get to work, monday we found three more elects and are helping them everyday. the blessings are coming!!! we just have to have patience. hebrews 10:36 "for ye have need of patience that after ye have done the will of god ye might recieve the promise" the key word here is might. we have to do our part and if we are considered worthy the lord will bless us. this is why we cant ever give up bc we dont know when the blessings will come but they always do. im excited to be here... im so focused on the mission right now i dont think about anything else. my time is running out and im finally understanding the work. you see every person as a potential member of the kingdom, how thier lives would change and how they would love to understand the truth. we have been studying alot about opeing our mouth and proclaiming the gospel to this generation in d and c. once you understand the purpose of this life it becomes easy to do the lords work. he wakes me up every morning and says we got people to find... lets go. im exhausted but i dont think about anything else but my purpose. i love you all. everyone tells me that this is the hardest area but i just trust in the lord and he will bless us
até mais
te amo
sister corbin
ps the moral is have patience.. live goes on

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  1. WOW, what a compliment!!! Congrats, what a great daughter/missionary you have!! I am still hoping that our kids get to meet...