Sunday, October 2, 2011

Letter #58 I Can See It

hey mommy... no the strike hasnt stopped its about 50% back it depends on where you live if the area where you live have people to deliever your mail you will get mail if not your out of luck as of now the area of the mission home is still on strike and no one is getting mail.. so well see, ps what did you put in the other packages bc welp im sick again! i work myself so hard that i get sick from exhaustion. ummmm okay
there was a broadcast of elder uck? can you send me it? ahhhhhhhh im praying to get to go to all the sessions but the lord did bless us! we get to watch the conference sessions in our chapel wooohoooooooooo our prayers were answered we dont have to travel 30 min both ways to watch it this means it will be so much easier to bring investigators to watch it! so i hope i get to see all the talks
so im super excited for this weekend its going to be super crazy busy trying to get people to all sessions were helping a less active get married and get back to church so his wife can get baptized were helping their son bryan get baptized this weekend. he is so cute, his name is bryan and is 8 years old.
This week was full of interesting stories to tell... our investigater makelly is amazing a true elect as we call it. she told sister batista on friday that saturday jehovahs witnesses were going to come to her house just to visit her and so we made sure we wouldnt come at the same time bc that would be awkward right ya soooooooo in brasil they use military time and sometimes they dont. makelly said 17 horas and sister batista heard 7 horas. 17= 5 o clock so what did we do we went at 5 o clock bc we thought they would come at 7 ahahah nope we got there sat down and heard the doorbell.. ha that was an experience but makelly is firm and was baptized sunday despite all the things that got in her way she put her faith and trust in the lord to follow his son. we are so proud of her!!! (ps mom did you receive photos from her she said she sent some to you i gave her your email)
a few funny stories
so our electric bill for some reason is late and bc the mail is on strike we cant send anything to pay it and so what happened is the company accidently switched our bill with our neighbors ahhahaha and they cut thier electricity instead of ours ha woops.
last night we left our investigators house way late and we had to run home... were about 10 min out and have to make it in 5 min... i looked behind me and sister batisita stopped bc she was tired and all the sudden i heard this homeless man yell " i see you guys every night running..why?!" then all the sudden in english he shouted "run girls run" hahahahaha its true we run home basically every night and the homeless man we always passed finally decided to voice his opinion about it ha i thought i would share.
I want to share a spiritual experience that has been happening alot these past couple of weeks.. that happened again this past sunday. we were teaching a family the restoration of the gospel it was my turn to share the vision of joseph smith, the spirit was so strong and no one could deny the difference that filled the room. the nephew said i know it is true.. i asked him how do you know? he responded " i know because i see it, i can see it in your eyes when you were telling the story about jose i knew you couldnt be lying" immediately following i felt the spirit to invite the aunt and the nephew to be baptized the aunt said "i know what you are saying is true bc i also can see it in you but as human beings we all have faults and i will continue where i am until the lord touches my heart.... silence filled the room and then i said " arent you feeling it now?" she said " yes".... the family knew the message was true, felt the quiet whisperings of the spirit but wasnt courageous enough to follow the straight and narrow path of the lord. we left the house knowing we did our part and sister batista looked at me and told me the same thing.. " i can see it too, when you teach, your different the spirit is in you" in that moment i reflected on my patriachal blessing that says " the light of christ will shine forth from you and you will touch the hearts of many. The holy ghost will testify in thier hearts that what you say is true".... i feel honored to be living literally the words written in my patriachal blessing.. i will never forget moments like these because its another testament to me that the church is true.. we have the truth on earth and those that are willing to hear his voice will follow. i know that the church is true bc i get re converted everyday. i told an investigator yesterday i dont remember the exact moment i can say i knew bc i feel it everyday testifying to me its truthfullness.
i love you all,
the gospel is true im sooooo excited for this weekend!!!
watch conf!
fique firme
com amor
sister corbin
romans 1:7
for the kingdom of god is not meat and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the holy ghost
aww man i love foood hahahah

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