Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letter #61 Life is Better When We Smile

i cant believe christmas is around the corner already... requests hmmmm idk at the moment i cant think of much maybe a cute shirt im so sick of my clothessssssss its crazy. but i got the skirt thank you! i would love a take 5 bar haha that would be nice..
ya im misisng one package with the foto chip.. woooooooooow ummm who are ambers kids they are so different and big!!!! zoe looks like me haha i thought it was a pic of at first glance ahaha she is sooooo cute and dane is a babe. how tall is bren dog? is he taller then me yet?
wow where to begin i love this area!!!! its soooo prettyyyyyyyy. its huge and im lost about 99% of the time but i love it. so basically im in the city the rich part of the city, i feel like im in a mix of newport beach with a mix of new york. there is an avenue called bandeirantes and looks like it belongs to california unfortunately if you are rich you dont like to hear the gospel ha... there is also a part in our area that is ghetto.. we tried the city a few days and were getting very few results made contacts on the street and no one lives here just works and goes back home to venda nova haha everyone from venda nova works here. so we tried out the ghetto a little bit to train sister barão... i love it. the ghetto is like its only littel village it reminds me of harry potter theirs alley ways little markets, bakerys and you dont have to leave if you dont have to. they have everything there for you. we found an investigator there her name is bá. she is hilarious. we took her to church with us sunday. the ward is great. its super contrast, you have really really rich members and then people from the ghetto there is no in between so thats a little bit awk. the missionary leader in the ward is the best in the world!!!! i have never seen someone so dedicated in my life! he is so animated and wants to help with everything. he is a dentist in the center and his office is full of boms and pics of christ. to give you an idea he looks like laurens dad dr rice haha. his family is the heart of this ward his son is the bishop and his wife is part of the relief society presdiency. i dont think ive ever met anyone like him before. im excited to work with him. were trying to get the ward excited but unfortunately they are in the dumps bc the success of missioanry work here is really slow and havent had results for a while.. well thats about to change. were ready to work and some how the lord will bless us. we had a meeting for three hours about how we can help the ward. no one wants me to leave.. when do you go home? can you finish your mission here? uhhh thats up to the lord. but i want to do my best to help them here. its super overwhelming to see our area and how big it is but we dont let it get to us. sister barão is great she is a little nervous still when it comes to teaching and inviting but that will change and i think the crying will stop too soon i hope haha its natural.
o ok so this is funny.. at the church every tuesday night we have activities for investigators and members there is an english class right... great. i can speak englsih to them. FALSE. i cant speak english!!!! sooo embarassing iwas speaking wrong!!!! i got up in front and i tried to talk and nothing came out im sure i was super red and felt awk like no other i spit out a few words but it was really hard. the teacher had to correct me so i basically had to sit down and gave the time to the teacher hahah who would of thought.. excited to hear me at christmas??? im not i wont be able to talk to you guys haha.. speaking of home sister hunsaker leaves in 5 weeks i got to say goodbye to her today bc we renewed our visas well she did anyway i have to go back next week so i dont get booted out of the country. the work moves forward here. were working hard and trying to be patient. i tell sister barão everyday if were obedient, diligently working the lord will bless us so we just need to smile.
life is better when we smile isnt it? we can decide everyday to do so.
o ps blake we taught a family from venezuela and she told us she knows the church it was super strong there and was always full of young men and young women.. she said are you guys mormons? ha it was funny to hear her accident she spoke most of the time in spanish and i underdstood.
love you all! time flys dont waste a minute
até mais
sister corbin

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