Thursday, October 13, 2011

Letter #60 Sweet, We Got to Start Running

wow where to begin so much has happened and i have zero time to explain.. so its been a crazy week literally.
ill begin with this past weekend. i decided that i need to love thursdays and fridays. ive never liked these days on the mish bc there is nothing but work work work, saturday you have one day before sunday and have interviews sunday=baptisms, monday= plan, tues= district meeting and wed =p day.. i was praying really hard to think outside the box last week what else i could do in venda nova i have a total of 7 and half months there and was feeling like i hit a wall. on saturday it was funny, we knocked on a door and i said to sister batista i think i already have been here sure enough the man said o hey i remember you "o hey ha how are ya?" the next door was the same... we walked past the bakery and two people gave me a wave.. sister batista "do you know them?" nope.. but they know me ha she said who have you not taught here? i just had to laugh because you can look at it as a blessing. sunday was patricias baptism and she was needing this pick me up.. her husband has been in the hospital for a few months and has been searching for her church.. but it amazes me how the lord still finds people for us to teach when i think ive taugt everyone im not even close... i remembered a contact we did on the street with sister dunlop and decided to try one more time, the girl wasnt there but the mom let us in..the mom has been going to her church for 14 years. great. we got to teach with the s´pirit big time on this one for anything to happen. as the lesson started it was almost automatic, i felt the spirit really strong with her when it came to the invite she said "wait i have to get baptized again?" welp yes, you didnt have the priesthood. "great what do i have to do, can we start now?" um yes we start now hahah elect. the lord gave us this contact bc it was her mother that was waiting to here the truth. i love how the lord works.
monday! okay so im supposed to stay with sister batista for three months aka 2 transfers to finsih training her so when we were plainngin i wasnt thinking about getting a phone call from president. it was about 1030 and i decided to get the phone in the other room.. pres already called! what? i called him back and said sister corbin its your time to leave venda nova! you will be transfered to banderantes "okay pres we will go there" no no only you, you will go there open an area of elders and train again! "What?? really? i wont stay with sister batista?" "no i need you in this area, the elders are being lazy and i need you to go in tehre and show them how to work!" wow im not gonna lie i was shocked. sister batista stayed and will be with another american and she will help her finish her training. sister batista started to cry... she didnt want me to go. this area is in the center of belo literally.. this church is the biggest and the ward is the strongest but because its in the center its super hard to teach, there isnt houses to knock on just interphones to get rejected... this area never had sisters before and pres wanted to switch it up. he told the ward that i am a "batizadora" o great. all i can do is trust in the lord that he will lead me to those that are willing and ready to hear. I tried to say goodbye to everyone in venda nova but there wasnt enough time.. the saddest part is that i left adriana (an investigator that we have been working with for 2 months). tuesday night she showed me her clothes she picked out for her baptisim this sunday and was so excited. my heart was crushed. i had to tell her that i came by to say goodbye and that i will be transfered the next day. she burst into tears and didnt know what to say. i told her that she has sister batista and the ward now and that id otn need to be here anymore. it took everythign in me not to cry too, i know its my time to leave. i left sister batista 6 baptisms for the next two weeks and so she wont have any probs but like i expected we arrived at the apartment in the center with a note that said "sisters, welcome, this area is great but unfortunately we have no one for you to teach, no one to get baptized this sunday or the next" sweet we got to start running... im with sister barâo she is 25 and is from santa catarina, brasil. she is ready to work, well i hope. of course the house was a disaster worse then venda nova when we got there.. we didnt have enought time to do anything else but clean all day yesterday and didnt have enough time to email. pres gave permission today to write a little bit... well im not gonna lie im nervous, scared, feel the pressure, dont know the area, the people or what i should do but one thing i do know is that i go wehre the lord wants me to go and do my best so i just got to trust in the one that knows me best "thats it" (dads accent). wish me luck or rather pray for me please. i love you all dont have much time
até mais
2 corinthians 12:10
sister corbin
ps mom i got three packages!thank youuuuuu amber for the tooth brush yessssss exactly what i needed and the goodies toothank youuuuuuu and lauren too i loved the pics!!!
pss mom did you send a package with the photo chip? or am i missing that envelope or package too?

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