Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letter #59 Ask in Faith

so much has happened this week... well first off CONFERENCE = DUH AMAZING.... the lord answered all of our prayers and we got to watch all 4 sessions. and of course we had investigators all at the right sessions. the first one needed to her about being alone and bam utchdorf settled that one.. the second session on saturday i was most nervous for bc we had people to take but they were all canceling... we were praying so hard and ended up with 3 people to take and of course bednar was the first talk.... we had investigators that needed to hear about repentance and their were at least 2 good ones about repentence in that session. sunday i got a text saying i needed to call an investigator that was going to get baptized after the first session... we were confused on why he needed us to call him.. we were out of minutes on our phone so we ran to the church to call him.. he didnt answer so we got on our knees and prayed for something to happen a few moments later we looked out of the bishops office THEY ARE HERE! we ran outside and said you made it! he said i called bc i wanted to know if i needed to bring a towel hahaha. o geese... brian got baptized after the first session the son of our family that we are helping to get married so the wife can get baptized. brian was so cute and excited to get baptized, he is an example for not only his little sisters but for his entire family..
i just want to talk about how much prayer is important. I have never prayed more in my life then i have on my mission so far.. prayer is everything " the purporse of prayer is not to alter the will of god but to obtain the blessings he is ready to give if we just humble ourselves and ask in faith" in 3 nephi 18:20 says whats soever ye shall ask the father in my name, which is right, beleiving that ye shall receive behold it shall be given unto you" i love this scripture bc its so true if we ask in faith for our heavenly father something good, just and righteous believing we will recieve he will give it... i cant count how many times we have prayed and our prayers were answered in the moment. our heavenly father wants to bless us but he can only do his part until we make the first step. i love it.
we are having success and the lord is blessing us for our efforts.. miracles happen daily. its always amazing to see the work of the lord in our lives everyday. i dont want to admit but im getting used to the miracles... i have to take a step back and say thank you because he puts blessings in our day to day that sometimes we forget the little ones.
at times i think about our work and how little we are actually sacrificing in the scheme of eternity. my hope and prayer is to try to help our brothers and sisters change their route in life so they can have a straight path to eternal life with our heavenly father. There is nothing more important, thats why we are here, to learn, to grow, to understand the plan, and then go back to him..
The mission has changed me without me even realizing it and its a gift that i dont think i will ever be able to repay.
keep running the work has just begun
com amor
sister corbin
ps i finished jesus is the christ... now that is a book

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