Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Letter #57 The Lord Protects Us

hey mommy
soo i went to the mission office and nothing.... basically brasil loves to go on strike when they dont want to work hah and welp the mail slash post office is on strike and no one in brasil well most of brasil anyway is receiveing mail... this started about a week ago so im not sure where my packages are right now. when did you send that package. relief society prodcast... unfortunately no... so the scoop on general conf is that we cant watch any of the sessions unless we have an investigator with us, and its in pampulha. so it will be rough to get to see all four but were praying that we have someone to take with us every sesh.
brenan passed hahahah good job bren hah. i cant imagine bren blessing the sacrament he is getting so old!
o and you can put what i said about byu in the letter on the blog!!! Go UTES!!! ha

welp this week was an eye opener to the blessings that i have in my life.. makelly our investigator for about a week now has gone through so much in her life i cant complain about anything...she is an example of someone that never gives up. im so happy to help her see the purpose of all her trials... oh dont worry mom we have protection. the other night we were walking down this neighborhood to visit rafaela and leo (a couple we are helping get married and the wife and children get baptised)... and ten min before on thier street somone was shot 10 times! and got away. i was like what he was shot 10 times!!! i was telling everyone hahah but to them its normal... "ya its normal" okay this is not normal but hey all i know is that the lord protects us wherever we go. lets seeeee ummm sunday was the day for adriana to get baptized. everyone was asking where she was. i had no idea why she hadnt showed up yet, i didnt stop calling her cell. after church we ran to her house and she came to the door and told us that her father had passed away... wow, okay, that is a good excuse. all i could do was give her a hug and try to comfort her. she is doing better but it is always hard to loose a loved one. good news was that jose and maria were confirmed and are excited to participate in everything. also learned a lesson that we have to invite everyone!!!!! even the people we dont think would everrrrrr accept. one night two weeks ago i invited this man on the street and he started to talk to me in english i just responded in portugues he said why arent you speaking in english and i said it was hard for me haha this past sunday he came to church surprisingly and we taught him last night and he accpeted! he said " this could be the true church..." yup yup. well it is. sister batista is changing ahah the first few days she would wake me up with a loud BOM DIA and me sitting on the bed "bom dia" exhausted out of my mind... and now she doesnt say a word she is so tired. we run everywhere she asked if she could bring tennis shoes during the day bc we run so much ha i said welp your gonna have to take that one up with the pres. im loving it. brasil is hot.the food is the same. and the people are amazing.
Te amo te amo demais(a song here that wont leave my head)
sister aubree corbin

ps dont worry- sitting there studying you know the usual and run into elder l. whitney claytons conference talk in 2007 ahahah eu te conheco.. a quote that he said " if we live in righteousness and look to purify our hearts we would become more close to heavenly father and to the spirit"
well said.

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