Thursday, September 1, 2011

Letter #54 They Remember

Não acredito

Eu vou morrer em VENDA NOVA..... i stayed again!!! this will be my 5th transfer here in venda nova... presidente like always didnt call until late we got the call anxiously waiting at 730. he said and sister corbin you will stay in venda nova! i said me? and he said yes you ahah and you will train! o geese ha alright presdente.. sister dunlop will go to pampulha and will train also! only two sisters arrived and only me and sister dunlop are training and only one is leaving.. sister ruckeurt!!! i got to say goodbye to her for 5 secs im going to miss her. it was only yesterday we were together in pampulha with ronald trying to get him to stop smoking ha and now she is leaving and she prob will get married before i get home, she said she wont but who knows.
so my new companion is from curitiba her name is sister batista and i love her!! she is 22 and has 6 years in the church. so basically there is a new training program that was sent out about a year ago but arrived in brazil this month.. we as trainers train the new ones for three months straight so looks like ill stay with her for 2 transfers i dont know if that means the same area but at least 12 weeks ill train her unitl she is legitmate like me haha kidding. but its going to be great im a little nervous bc it feels like yesterday i was in her shoes. venda nova was my first area and now im training someone else in the same place. feels wierd. but im excited there is a reason im still here my work isnt done yet.
well this past week was great, lots of work and not enough time.. sometimes we get home and i feel like my legs are going to fall off. sister dunlop and i were talking the other day that were just going to keep getting more and more tired until the day we get home. p day= no rest, sunday=work and everyday is race to find the next elect of our heavenly father. i love this work, its how i get up in the morning but wow im tired. this sunday was another proof that the enemy doesnt sleep. geovane was baptized a 12 year old freind of a member that loves the church. his mom said he could get baptized but her boyfriend didnt aproove. this sunday he was preparing to leave for church and the "step dad" didnt want him to leave... he said "i cnat miss today its my baptism". the step dad got angry with him and said your not going. his mom was at work and told him he could go, he left alone and arrived at church for his day. he was so happy and was glad to follow the example of the savior. another miracle is jefferson a 19 year old we found bc of a contact on the street. sister dunlop and i were reflecting on the story on how we met up with jefferson. it was the end of a thursday or weds night.. it wasnt the best day, we got rejected alot and some of our investigators fell i wasnt too cheery to make any contacts on the street on our way home but that didnt stop dunlop... as we were walking home a girl said to us "what church do you guys go to?" we told her but it was sister d that asked for the address..we went there the next day and the girl that stopped us wasnt too interested but it was her brother that was searching for the truth, jefferson. i love how the lord works through other people and tests us to our limits. if we hadnt had the energy to talk to this girl and hadnt had the atitude to ask for another reference after a hard day we wouldnt have found jefferson. love it.
i was reading in jesus the christ the other day and it was talking about that when jesus was sad after getting rejected (the son of god, just a reminder,rejected,cant imagine) he prayed to our heavenly father and THANKED him for the humble and meek he was finding to hear the truth... this is when he said that famous qoute "come all ye that are heaven layden...." because those are the ones that are ready to hear the truth those are the ones that will accept and in the same respect, we as missionaries are doing the same thing. after we get rejected we got to thank our heavenly father for the humble and meek he has put in our path, its those that will inherit the kingdom of god.
ill be doing alot of praying this transfer. im not going to lie im a little nervous but i know the lord is with us and ill help sister batista be the best missionary in BH!
love you all]
com amor
sister corbin

cool story
tuesday we were walking home after a district meeting a lttle far from home and a teenager called to us and said which one of you is sister corbin? i looked back and said huh? im sister corbin... he said you dont remember me? he came closer and it was a son of a family we were teaching in pampulha over 6 months ago.. they never ended up getting baptized bc the mom wasnt obeying a few commandments but her kids were so great. he said " why didnt you guys come back?" i told him i left pampulha to go to other areas he was sad and i told him to go to church this sunday and passed his address to dunlop to go visit. its amazing to me that even the people we dont baptized, we have an impact on thier lives, they remember the sweet spirit that was left in thier home when we taught about the everlasting gospel. i guess we will never know how many lives we will touch until after this life...

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