Sunday, August 28, 2011

Letter #53 Our Choices Effect Our Outcome

yes i loved the skirt i will send you my chip when transfers are over which will be next week!! i have a feeling that me and sister dunlop will seperate and train there are three newbs coming in and sister ruckuert is leaving next week!!!! can you believe she is done already it feels like yesterday i was with her in pampulha with ronald by the way did you finish his names? dont worry i have cds of my transfers with sister ruckert and sister flora but there are some pics still on the chip i will send home of ctm and of sister ruckert. send some pics of their house when they move in is it close to the procuniars?
i cannot believe brenan will drive!!!! what he is 8 years old running around hitting and teasing me still taht is the brenan i know not brenan driving a car and can date! thanks for sending a note it was great to here from people that ihavent heard from in a while and is my address visible on the blog bc i cant email back but no one is giving me addresses to respond make sure on the blog it says my address clear so that they know they can write me too and that i need addresses to respond :)
i hope i answered some of your questions and its more clear now
well another week flew by and its pday again... this week was another good one. i love venda nova ya i think i already said that a few times but its true! transfers are in one week and i dont know where ill go but i will definetly miss this area it feels like home. This past sunday john and harrison got baptized (brothers of our recent convert roxanne). they were so excited, everyday they asked when is our baptism, what do we have to do, they are so cute and are reading the book of mormon everyday, they are my examples oh and our recent convert junio baptized them! he was so nervous and practiced the words all week to be prepared and when sunday came he realized he memorized the wrong words ahah he siaid sister corbin i dont know what to do i didnt memorize the right part ahah i started to laugh and told him it was alright the elders will help you... also henrique was confirmed, he is only 13 and came to church all by himself bc his aunt couldnt come. sister dunlop and I are working hard to hit our goal of 8 baptisms this month meaning we got to have 4 this sunday... can we do it? yes. we got 4 lined up that we are working with, were literally running house to house bc everyone lives in different neighborhoods. we found jefferson last thursday he is literally amazing. it was almost as if he was waiting for someone to knock on his door to tell him what he needed to do in his life. he is 19 and the only male in his family. he is already in 1 nephi 21 and wants to do everything right.. he went to church and after said i know its true.. then went to the fireside about temples after and said what do i need to do to go there... welp let me tell ya ha.. were encouraging him to go on a mission already hah. i love finding people that are just ready to hear and follow. another thing that we are doing this week is looking for less actives to help come back to church. the stake president asked us to do this work for 2 hours each day. monday we found a man that got baptized at age 19 but fell away because he moved. we found him again and told him that we needed him to come back. last night was legitimate, we didnt waste time, we invited him and his "wife" to get married and we marked a date to get married and a date for her baptism all in the same lesson and we chose oct 12 and oct 16. i love being with sister dunlop because all we do is invite ha we just tell people what they have to do to return to our heavenly father and if they dont want to do it, we dont waste our time. i dont have much time today to write a long email but these past few weeks im learning more and more about the importance of our life on earth and how our choices here effect our outcome for the eternities... we have the chance to go back to our heavenly father in his kingdom, why wouldnt we do everything possible to achieve this goal. i love the gospel, i love the work, even when it gets hard sometimes, you just got to say, "it happens" and move on, if you dwell on the little things you will never open your eyes to see the blessings that are already there. LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR THE EMAILS! i need your addresses to write back please send them :)
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com amor
sister aubree lyn corbin

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