Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Letter #51 Frustrated in the Journey

familia! ya what..yes they love potatos here i get plenty of them but its rare to get them mashed.. the food is great its super fattening though its rice beans every day with some sort of meat and then for snacks they eat fried stuff, bread and cookies with milk ... yes i got both your packages!!!! soo good thank you! im savering every pb m&m..oh so sad my toothbrush is dying!!! i plug it in all day and night and it only gives me 30 seconds of power i think it will die in a week or so.. maybe send me agood tooth brush to last me 6 months? ya im close to ronald right now but i have a feeling i will leave in a few weeks so when you send it ill just give it tot he mision home to give to him. right now i just havea lingering cough but the mosquitos havent stopped im goin to whip out the net again yes i want the spray kind of sun screen its easier.. wow where to begin this week was another blessing. so i didnt have time to talk about what happened last letter with terazinha. last last monday, sister dunlop and i were looking for this street for about an hour and half. we asked everyone, people on the street, bakerys, super markets everyone was pointing in different directions.. finally i said letts just go down this street and teach. i noticed some ladies on the porch and felt inspired to ask one more person where this street was. one of them jumped up to help and said i will take you there. she looked familiar but i didnt say anything bc sometimes i confuse people. we were walking to her house and she started telling us how she has been going to this church now for more then a year. we got closer to her house and when she opened the door all the memories rushed back into my head.. i taught her back in october! she couldnt get baptized bc she was living with her boyfriend. i said "eu lembrei" i remember you! ha we started talking and she broke things off with her boyfriend and was just going to church almost every week without being a member. when i asked the bishop he thought she was a member too. right then we took the opportunitiy to invite her to be baptized, she hesitated for a moment and said "its time". we left her house knowing exactly why we were lost for so long and the reason for walking down that street. the lord is amazing, sometimes we get frusturated in the journey but its just the lord trying to help us find the better route. we helped her prepare all week along with henrique the nephew of marrissa who got baptized two weeks ago. they both were interviewed and came on sunday. well the enemy is also working just as hard as us to stop the work go forth. sunday before church terazinha said her boyfriend that she hasnt seen forever showed up at her door saturday night before her baptism and asked to get back with her and she said" no, im going to get baptized tomorrow, so if you want me you have to change too!" "yes" she didnt let satan win, i was so proud of her. so this past sunday was another blessing, another one for the books. as sister dunlop and i sat there before sacrament with a smile on our face because two of our recent converts got confirmed and two got the aaronic priesthood and henrique and terazinha were baptized. i couldnt ask for a better sunday. the blessings the lord sends when we do our part is overwhelming sometimes, i dont know what to say in my prayers but just to say thanks. he does everything for us and sometimes were so busy we dont recognize his hand in all things. we also had zone conference this past monday and i got on fire again.. not that i wasnt on fire before, haha but its always good to get a reboost they showed the numbers of our mission and so far belo horizonte mission since jan until now has had 883 baptisms! incredible it makes me want to work even harder to see this number even higher.. this work is for the diligent, patient and humble. i wish i had these attributes like children have. they forgive and forget easy and are always trying to help. we are helping a few children of some recent converts get baptized this sunday and the way they feast upon the word at such a young age is inspiring. no wonder jesus said "seja como as crianças,por eles são do céu" i dont knowt he translation exactly. but be like little children for they are those from heaven...this is what im working on everyday and the hardest well is humilty. keep working on it one day it will come ha i love you all, if there is anything i can say is do your part and let the lord do the rest com amor, sister corbin até mais

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