Friday, August 19, 2011

Letter #52 One Year Mark, 6 Months in Mission Life that = nothing

Thank you!
wow thanks for all the emails this week! it was great to hear from a few of you that i havnt heard from in a while and im happy all is well in the world. Tomorrow will mark my year mark as a missionary. What? where did the time go? I only got 6 months left? in mission life that = nothing. i feel like i have so much more to do.
This week i dont have to much to say but that work is moving forward. the other day we found a family that is excited... we started at the bottom of this street that happened to be a huge hill like always and i was apparently staring at this house after a min or two sister dunlop looked at me and said you want to teach there you have been staring for really long haha i said ya ha, sure enough a mother and her four children accepted the preparation to be baptized. the next day we did what was necessary to help our investigators, found one in the bar and pulled him out and tried to explain to another that we were her answer. we always got to be excited and have a smile on our face even through the hard times. my president is such a good example of this everytime he calls he says " are we excited sister!?" and i always say "always presidente!!!" without this attitude and excitement about the gospel nothing will get done.
these past couple weeks i have gained a strong testimony of families and how we can gain an eternal family.. its so much more then going through the flow doing our part more or less, kind of keeping the commandments or pushing repentance to the last minute or always questioning the lord, where is the line? there is a reason heavenly father created three kingdoms of glory and only those that do everything i mean everything will make it to the top...i have been thinking a lot about those that we have been teaching that are honarble church goers that love the lord but when it comes to acceptintg the gospel they close off thier hearts.. in order to make it to the top they have to accept here on the earth! its so hard to explain the details of exaltation to a person that only prays alone in thier house and doesnt understand the importance of the meaning, sabath day. sometimes i feel so preoccupied with other peoples salvation ha i dont know what to do. we got to baptize and get people to the temple! this is where we will be able to have eternal families.. like dad always says and what aunt becca reminded me of is "were sold" or more like "im sold" on the kingdom of heaven. i cant imagine settling for anything else and i want everyone i know to be there with me.. it makes me think of the savior and how he died for everyone bc he has this same feeling. he wants everyone there with him and yet still people will say nope no thanks i want to live easy. i love a scrip in mathew 25:23 that says " well done, good and faithful servant. thou hast been faithful over a few things, i will make thee ruler of many things. enter thou into the joy of the lord" can i hear these words in the end please....
i love this gospel i love the journey although sometimes it maybe hard or frusturating its just heavenly father perparing us to be like him to give us chances to grow and one day enter to his kingdom because we actually did a few things on earth to deserve it. got to love it.. BE HAPPY and excited its the only way to go
até mais
com amor
sister aubree corbin

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