Thursday, August 4, 2011

Letter #50 Exercise My Faith

July = best month yet!
I know everything is good im glad mandy is normal and back to work.. thursday we had interviews with the president and he is amazing i always learn more and more when i meet with him i wanted to learn more about faith and how i can increase my faith daily and basically he said its all about acting and doing we ahve to do our part so the lord can proove to us that he can do his part and once we see the results of his hand our life, our faith grows. as we were talking he felt distinctly impressed to ask about my family i said everything was fine but when he asked me the second time i told him about mandy and he wanted to call you guys to make sure everything was okay... but all is well which is good :)
our recent converts are legit is all i can say... adilson who got baptized last month started a study session with the bom every night with our other recent converts cleidiane and her siblings they read 5 chapters every night together and share what they learned, they want to finish the book of mormon by sept! but in our investigator department was a little bit more dissappointing. our two baptisms for this past sunday fell so thursday and friday i tried to think of what we could do to have a baptism this sunday.. we were praying and we remebered that a recent convert of about three months has a grandson that comes to church often so thrusday we went to their house in hopes for the best.. we taught him his name is junior he is 10 years old and his life is full of tradegy.. his mom died a few years ago and his dad uses drugs he is only 10 and has to call his gma mom to feel somewhat loved.. we went back firday and saturday and all he wants in his life is happiness. he loves going to church and said he wanted to get baptized... saturday we took the opportunity to fast so that junior could come to church. during sacrament junior and his grandma had yet to show up. all during sacrament i was in prayer trying to excercise my faith that he would come and all the sudden i heard the door open in back and in walked junior! he came! the brethren didnt waste anytime and took him to the other church to get intreviewed and his baptism was after church. what a blessing of faith and fasting. we had no one wed and with diligent prayer and earnest seeking we found someone that was willing to follow the lords example and get baptized this past sunday. leonardo and junior also got confirmed.. marrissa was sick so she will get the gift this sunday. This month of july only we had a total of 9 baptisms! when me and sister dunlop looked back on the numbers we were amazed of how much the lord has been blessing us. this past month has truly been the best in my mission so far i cant count the experiences that the lord has been in our path to over come and accomplish. there is always a way to have success and its only through our obedience we can do anything and of course exercising our faith.
i love the people of brasil they are so nice and kind. they might not all except us but they have thier funny ways of rejecting us.. the other day we went to an investigators house that accepted, the husband came to the door and i said " hi is isabel home?" " no im catholic!" ... he started slowly shutting the door during our conversation "we are missionaries that marked with her today to give her a message about christ"... during this whole time the door is slowly shutting before i knew it the door was shut and we were still talking through the door ahaha and then he just walked away... i said welp " it was nice to meet you and your invited to make a visit in the church every sunday!" i had to yell bc i realized he had almost made it all the way back to his house. they are hillarious its rare to get a door slammed but to try to be kind they do it slowly.
learning alot about faith this week and how we can increase it , i was drawn to a part that jesus christ said to peter in luke 22 " but i have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not and when thou are converted strengthen thy brethren"... peter what? wasnt converted? we are always in the conversion process. none of us can say we are done. we all have to keep working at it. why do you think people get baptized and then fall away they stopped thier conversion process... its part of the gospel, preserverance...
we have to believe! a quote i heard this week about a minister of about 25 years was converted to the church he was talking to his other firends of another church that said we just cant believe that joseph smith was a prophet and that the b of mormon is true and what he said back was a legitimate response " ya but dont you wish you could"
i love the gospel, im grateful that i believe in joseph smith and in the bom and that today we have the church of god
até mais
com amor,
sister corbin

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