Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Letter #55 Angels to My Door

yay im so happy you have sisters in your ward i want them to stay there so i can help them when i get back. good work mom hah i am proud of you.. there is nothing better then helping another understand the truth. you can litterally see the light in them remember the pre existence. as president parrella always says the mind forgot everything but the spirit remembers what it was like with our heavenly father and when you can get to that point, the spirit remembers and wants and litterally desires to do anything to keep the spirit with them.keep me posted on him pshhhh he can get baptized way sooner then oct! tell the sisters to invite him to be baptized next sunday. we dont need to fear to invite others to come unto christ. if there was a way to do it faster, we would do it. thats how amazing the blessings are when you decide to do what is right the blessings just come. speaking of blessings we had a ton this week! i love sister batista!!! she is so loving. she sees the potential in everyone. she reminds me of me when i first started, the best thing about her is that she follows the spirit! she does what she feels and doesnt hesitate. we had a training yesterday for trainers and leaders of the mission and we are always reminded who the true teacher is in all this work, well i can tell you, it is not us. the only perfect teacher of the truth is the spirit, without him, you cant feel the saviors love and confiction, with out that love in the conversion process there is no conversion. a big part of the conversion process is faith. faith is of itself a principle of power, without it jesus himself couldnt render miracles among the gentiles. this week was showed many times with our investigators the power of faith and obedience to the lords commandments.
this sunday josé dias was baptized! whoohoo he is soo great. earlier this week he was struggling with his work and wasnt making enough money so we taught him about tithing i gave him a tithing envelope and after only 3 days he said his phone wouldnt stop ringing he had so much work to do and that every night since he has set aside money for tithing has come home early because of exhaustion hahah i started to laugh and said well look at that the lord did his part haha i love how simple it is. he stayed strong everyday, stopped with smoking and drinking coffee and said "i will continue in this church for the rest of my life.i dont know what is happening but its changed everything". the power of the gospel can change lives without them even realizing it.
this week were working with another investigater her name is maria, that the lord litterally put her into our path. we walked passed this street that i told sister batista that i never knocked on and that i felt the need to go there later that day. earlier we found two potentials that accepted then we went down that street that i wanted and the second door was maria (who doesnt live there and happens to be the mom of the two that accpeted about an hour before)... what? she opened the door and said " yes the lord sent angels to my door, would you like to come to my house and teach me" um yess please.. we started on our way back and it happened to be where we were the lesson before where here children accpeted hah. i guess the lord has been preparing them for a while.
i read seans letter and it is true.. i have about a year in the mission and i feel like now im really starting to get to work.. why did it take so long to figure it out. sure im learning everyday every moment but the importance of the work seems to click and all you want to do is find families. they are def more hard to find but with the lords helps anything can happen. everything here is great here in good old brazil besides the weather at about 100 degrees if i could change anything it would be that okay okay and maybe take it easy on the rice and beans ha but im loving it i dont got much time left! got to work
love you all!!!!
sister corbin

luke 9:57-62 (Sister Dunlop in the blue shirt is Aubree's companion)

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