Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Letter #63 Obedient to Receive the Elects

dane and zoe are sooooooooooo cute!!!!! and sooooo big!!!!! halloween unfortunately is not celebrated here... i forgot it was halloween until 9:00 i saw two little ones dressed in a witch costume leaving an apartment building they looked american ha... i cant wait to see them when i get back does zoe remember who i am ha? i know dane doesnt but maybe there is hope for zoe.

another week flown by.. i dont know if i told you about leticia an investigator we found last last monday. she was an old investigator of about a year ago but was offended in church and decided it wasnt for her. we found her in the area book and decided to give her a shot. when we got to her house she was super sad and basically gave up on everything, she was in depression and didnt know how to get out of it. the lord put her into our hands to help her out. everyday we passed she got better and better. she already had a testimony that the bom is true and didnt have any problems with the word of wisdom or any other commandment. benção! thursday i felt the spirit really strong to invite her to be baptized. i was hesitant but didnt deny the lords will. after we watched the restoration video, we invited her to be baptized this past sunday. the first words she said was i will go but to be baptized i dont think its time. what happened next im not sure but the spirit took over. i told her that her time is now to change and take this opportunity to start over, the lord was inviting her to follow his son. i said a lot of other stuff that i cant remember (the promise that the spirit will tell you what to say is true!) after she looked at me and said you know what, i will. this is what i haven been waiting for... someone to invite me, i wont let anyone get in the way of me finally doing my part. sister barão was so excited, tears of joy came down leticias face when she decided to finally follow the spirit. she was interivewed saturday and was baptized this past sunday. the lord prepares his children, we need to be ready to receive them, obedient to receive the elects... sunday morning we took a few people to church. its alot harder to bring people to church in this area but were getting better. two of them were carol and fatima, were preparing them for baptism this sunday. they loved church and said they never felt that way before. we testified that it was the spirit that was present. it was really sensitive in church last week because there was a death of a father that was super random. it was a heart attack that happened saturday night. it was reminder to everyone how precious life is and that no one really knows how much time we have here.
yesterday we had a leader conference and i got to go again bc of sister barão. president gave a talk that was all about our part as saints of the church of jesus christ. saints are set apart for god, must be with out blemish whether physical or moral... we have to live in the world but not be of the world. but the promise is that we are never alone. in mathew 11:28 "come unto me all that labor and our heaven laden and i will give thee rest" here he doesnt promise to resolve our problems or take away our difficulities but he will help and make our burden light. that is the difference. he is there to help along the way. we are all in the process of santification. some start when they are 8 years old, some start this process in the middle of their journey here on earth but one way or another we are in the process to become saints of our heavenly father.. wont happen in this life bc its a life process but well work on it and well have help along the way. thats what i love about the gospel its all there for ya.. you ready to do your part? 1 john 4:19 we love him bc he loved us first.. i finished the new testament today and loved reading about all the stories about the apostles and paul. everything we need is right in front of us and if we dont read it, heavenly father cant speak to us. the work will continue on wherever the lord sends me but im happy to report that sister batista baptized 5 of the 6 people we were helping when i left venda nova. im sad that wasnt apart of it but im glad that they continued strong.
i cant believe its november, christmas is around the corner then the new year and soon the wonderful journey i started what seems like another lifetime ago will come to end...wierd. im not sure im ready to go back to real life. but the lord is always with us, got to love this promise
love you all
até mais
sister corbin

pss also i dont think i can even look or read other emails other then family now... how sad huh another rule that pres gave us...

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