Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Letter #66 Little Things Always Matter

bom dia!!!
windi had her baby... send a pic.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! o how i miss this holiday here... i tried to explain it to sister barâo i said well basically its a day of thanks but mostly its an excuse to eat alot haha. mom can you ask ashely what her address is i want to send her a card.. i dont think i have her address in arizona.

more miracles. welp we didnt get transferred, we stayed! two things happy and sad. i dont know if i will have another area before i go home but happy bc the members here, i love. the part about missionary work is weak but they are great. but im so excited bc sister batista "minha filha" is coming to our district so i will get to see her every week! and she can tell me what happened in venda nova when i left.
so i want to share a story that happened this week about a senhora(gma) that we met this week that was litterally all in the lords hands. her name is celisse and she is 77 years old. so cute!!! she has cancer in the mouth and throat so she had to have surgery to remove it. so she has no teeth right now an is in extreme pain. she lives basically alone unitl night time when her boyfriend comes over to help. thursday we were brought to a street to give an invite to a fireside that would happen this sunday. after we gave the invite we had a little time before lunch but sister barâo didnt want to be late but something told me to work a little bit before. so we started at the top of the street and the third door was celisses. after about 1 min of waiting i walked away (inpatient) the door opened and celisse was shocked when she looked at our tags she didnt know what to say.. she tried to talk all at once but without teeth ya its a little bit hard. she let us in and told us what happened. she said she was praying with all her might to heavenly father to send something to her. maybe a message under the doorstep, a visit from a church.. something to help her with this agonizing pain. she told us that she felt and heard a voice tell her to sit and wait. after about 10 min of her waiting the doorbell rang and it was us. she said she already knew this church and was asking people about it but no one knew the address. she was so happy that the lord answered her prayer. everything we told her after she didn't question. she said i know its true, you are the messengers that i prayed for. another proof that lord uses us without even knowing.. if we had gone to lunch early we would have never found celisse. its funny how the little things always matter.
this sunday maria das graças got baptized a senhora that has 62 years. she doesnt know how to read.. i had a dream the other night to help her begin reading with the book of mormon. we started last night and were going to read a little everyday learn to read using the book of mormon. in no time she will read perfectly. she is from sâo paulo and has always wanted to know the truth, bc she cant read her only hope was listening to others read the bible. she has a big heart and wants to do everything in this life to serve our father.
later sunday night we had fireside with president parrella. he gave a talk about the book of mormon. we brought about 7 people to listen it was great.. got a little heated but hey it happens. celisse came to the fireside i was surprised when i saw her bc we passed by her house and she said she was in a lot of pain and wasnt feeling good to go, we said a prayer for her to get better. she told us at the fireside " your prayers are powerful when you guys left i didnt feel anymore pain so i knew i had to come" she is so great!!! she has so much faith that the lord will answer her prayers, he answers bc he knows she will follow the answer. i wish i had that power. its a hard thing to have faith all the time but something we can work on everyday. were a little low on investigators at the moment we gotta find! celisse would get baptized next week but she has to get married!!! so well see how long that will take i hope not very long. we got to get to work!!! the area book is alittle weak so we got a lot of praying to do. D and C 61:36-39 wow ok wierd mom- my scrip to leave to day is the scripture you gave me!!!!! i just looked at what you wrote and what i wrote and it was the same scrip!!!! how cool is that, the lord is giving us the same inspirations hahah but your exactly right the lord is the most unselfish person you can read about i love it. wow im still trippn out of the scripture, haah love you!!!!
happy thanksgiving eat for me :)
com amor (means- with love)
sister corbin

ps its non stop rain
pss mom can you send me ashley jones address in arizona i want to send her a card but i dont think i have her right address

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