Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Letter #64 The Reality of Miracles

ya were in daylight savings right now and the sun doesnt go down until 8 oclock at night its super wierd the days are way long but its good bc we save energy. you will have to remind me about christmas and the time i always get it wrong for some reason but im practicing my english bc my district leader only has 7 months on the mish and he speaks to me in english and i "try" to speak back.
how will i know what package to open dec 1? yay i love reading the conference talks but remember bc its x mas time the mail is suuuuuupppperrrrrrrr slow so well see when i get all these things last year a sister went home in feb too and she got her x mas packages right before she left for home.
hmm home=wierd not thinking about it too much.
hahah bren and blake = warcraft of course.. how is blake liking his new house with his freinds is it close to home?
o i totally forgot about the presidency!!! is it before or after i get home??? how is mitt doing? someone asked me the other day about mitt but i was way confused ha uhh hello i live in brasil i have no idea whats going on there
i loved that quote by cs lewis bc its sooooooo true!!!! the topic of todays email is
this week litterally was full of every emotion you can possibly imagine. that the lord does and will do his will whether we agree or not..
i will start with saturday, fast sunday.... so we started our fast saturday after lunch and for some reason on the mission every time i fast everything goes wrong ha. hello im fasting for a blessing not a disaster welp tudo bem.. carol, our investigator didnt show up for her baptismal interveiw and our baptism for sunday fell, marina. she said she wanted more time and didnt feel completely prepared. we did everything we could to help her doubts but in the end its her decision.. a little bummed but still hoping for a miracle our zone leader told me saturday night "sister corbin, marina will get baptized tomorrow, you will invite her sometime during church to follow the savior i dont know when but you will feel the spirit testify to you when it is right" i hung up the phone in aw of the surety this elder had in our investigator that he doesnt even know, i told sister barâo and she agreed. sunday morning we were able to bring 8 people to church with us, which is a miracle in itself in this ward. Leticia was confirmed and the testimonies began. the spirit was really strong. i felt the urge to ask leticia if she wanted to bare her testimony before i could do anything, carlos, our missionary leader of the ward came up to her and asked if she wanted to bear her testimony with him, she said she was feeling a strange feeling in her heart and couldnt explain it. carlos is amazing, he always listens to the spirit and knew that leticia wanted to bare her testimony but didnt have the courage to do it alone. she went up there and bore one of the strongest testamonies that i have heard on the mission, well she made everyone cry and thanked us publicly for our help. i knew it was my turn. as i was sitting at the front i saw sister barâo talk to marina all the sudden they got up and went to the bathroom. when they came back she just nodded with a smile and at that moment i knew that we were going to have a baptism. i started to laugh and was so greatful for the reality of miracles. we can never doubt the power of the spirit. later i called carlos over and said FILL THE TANK WERE GOING TO HAVE A BAPTISM haha sister told me what happened. marina felt the spirit so strong she told sister barao that she wanted to get baptized.." i do everything on a whim why not for god, i want to get baptized today can i?" uhh yesssss. we were so happy. heavenly father, well he loves to test us to our limit literally and if its his will it WILL happen.. i cannot and will not doubt the power of faith with the spirit. when we have an open heart the spirit can tesitfy of truth, we can be guided through this life if we just listen and have faith that he is with us. as Elder Uchtdorf says " the gospel of christ is not an obligation, its a way of life"
were helping a few others this week for baptism and i know and literally put all my trust in the lord that if it is his will, these too will be baptized. we can never doubt his power because it is real!
i'm so grateful to know the gospel. i have witnessed so many miracles on my mission that i can't count them. i cherish every single one, it's just one more proof that i don't need to know that my heavenly father is with me.
fique firme, nâo temais, o senhor esta conosco
com amor
Sister Corbin

pss random but andre buchelli was here in belo horizonte!!!! i wanted to see him, hah he gave a concert for free in the center

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