Thursday, December 1, 2011

Letter #67 A Present

Loved the pics from thanksgiving! the pic of ash and dad with the pink stuff was my fav haha. i was able to have a thanksgiving dinner too. well kind of. there is a couple that lives in our ward that is brasilian but they have lived all over the world because of his job. they lived in the united states for three years and speak really good english. We had lunch with them on sunday and they made turkey, ceaser salad, stuffing, mashed potatos and gravy after there was even pumpkin pie i was in heaven! soo good.
ya it seems like everything this year is on a sunday my birthday xmas and new years.
what are you guys plans for x mas?
went to the mission home today and nothing.... not even one envelope package that you sent... i think it will delay bc of xmas its always like that, i will call next week to see if anything came in.
well today is sister barâo´s birthday and we ate sushi! and we found a frozen yogurt place that tastes like spoon me it was amazing and now im super full but thats okay.

this week was a lot of ups and downs. a few of our investigators fell but we didnt give up the search.. we found pedro (15) and his grandma on friday and they are amazing. litterally feasting on the words of christ. everytime we go to thier house they have the bible ready with a pen and paper ready to learn.i love people that want to know the truth.
but this week i want to talk about two special experiences that happened to us. on sunday after we had our `thanksgiving dinner`` paulo said that he had a present for us. i wasnt sure what that meant until after dessert. he started to tell us about a woman that he knows at his work. for the past 9 months has been helping her little by little to understand the gospel and recently gave her the book of mormon. he started to get emotional and said i have been waiting for a pair of missionaries to come to our ward that i felt comfortable giving this reference to. he said he never felt so strong that it was us to hand over his friend. he started to cry and said i know you will take care of her. as he handed me the folded paper with care, it had written on it her name and address. i too at that moment felt the spirit of this woman that i had never met. but at the same time i had a flash back of president in an interview before i came to this area. he told me that there are members there that have references "golden references" and if you do your part they will trust you enough to hand over thier dear freinds and family. i realized at that moment it was true. this family is also moving to canada soon and wanted us to get working with her right away.
i love the lords plan and how it all fits in perfectly with everyones lives. there is always a purpose behind everything.
we also had our xmas conference yesterday. it was great to celebrate the birth of our savior.we watched the film of the testimonies of the 12 apostles i think it was filmed in 2000. gordon b looked so young. but what happened at the conference before all this, i will never forget. President was showing a slide show of recent converts that had gone to the temple and then he started to tell an experience about when he went to the airport, as i was listening the story sounded familiar. he told the experience of when he ran into the family in venda nova that i left to get baptized. the next slide was a pic of them with pres and sister parrella at the airport with thier 2 little boys. i was so happy. as we looked at the picture of this happy family he asked us what we saw. some said happiness, others a family being sealed in the temple, hope, joy, worthiness. i raised my hand and said "i see a change" he then asked me and sister batista to stand infront of everyone and explain thier story and explain what this change i see in them. i explained that when we found them they werent exactly "happy" in the picture you could see thier happiness now. the gospel literally moves people, no it changes people. sister batisita told the story about the wife, and how i was a little excited about finding a family that i would always bare my testimony about the only true church. the wife got a little offended at times but later she appreciated the love we expressed to her and her family about the truth. after we sat down he said you know what i see, i see our brothers and sisters. they are our family. this family not only changed but with them the missionaries that served with them also changed. the lord helps us change and become better everyday. we too have to change and if we dont see that little change everyday, something is wrong. my heart filled with gratitude as i got to see the family that i helped know the truth standing next to´president and sister parrella i cant imagine the joy i will feel when i see them standing on the side of our heavenly father and our beloved son. there is no greater joy then is... we have to have hope that these things will come to pass in ether 12:32 says wherefore we must hope or he cannot recieve an inheritance in the place which thou hast prepared.
i love this gospel its the healing power that can change whatever is in our path, of this journey we call LIFE. i also read a scripture today in abraham that talks about when christ made the earth... let us make the earth to see if the children of men will obey whatever we shall ask of them... aka keep the commandments and live the gospel. its simple. be obedient.
amo a todos...
sister corbin
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  1. Oh my gosh, I am sitting here wondering IF our kids were at the SAME "Christmas Conference"??!!! I think they were! I will ask Dallin if he knows Sister Corbin in his email next week!!!

    AND, what a great gift they got this past week!! :)