Thursday, December 8, 2011

Letter #68 Submit Yourselves (James 4:10)

im feeling stronger, yes. yay im glad you got my x mas cards already hahah i thought i should send something. im going to send the chip today, last week we arrived at the post office two min late and wouldnt let us send anything.
ive been trying to buy stuff but the prob is.. we cant buy anything unless its on pday and on pdays im so tired and we just sleep... same goes with pics we can only take pics on pdays and its rare we do anything on pdays bc its a rule.. so its been hard to keep up on that kind of stuff. also bc im in the center, alot of stuff here is similar to what we would find at home. im starting to forget what is normal and what isnt..
well i would be lying if i said i didnt learn a ton this week. it was a big learning process for me. even in the last weeks of the mission the lord still isnt done teaching me all i need to learn while im here. so i will begin by telling the story of jo, a cute mom that has been taking the lessons and had her baptism date set for dec 4. she was a big sacrifice for us to teach bc she lives really far away and can only be taught at 8 oclock at night. so every night for 2 weeks straight we have been at her house. if a member isnt available to give us a ride home we run on the avenue until we find a taxi.. my companion thought that was fun haha. well here comes saturday for her interview as she arrives to the interview she confesses that she isnt legally married and cant get baptized sunday. my heart dropped. what? she told us she was married bc she was embarrassed to tell us the truth infront of her friend that was participating in that lesson... i didnt know what to do. i called the elder and told him to turn around. these past few weeks have been hard, the work has been stressful and success in finding new people to teach has been low and when jo fell, i wasnt sure where to turn.
i thought a ton about what the lord wants to teach me and i concluded that there are two main things that i can relate almost all my stories on my mission... it all goes back to patience and complete humility to the savior. he loves to test my patience. patience is accepting and having the capability to do the lords will in his time. being humble is realizing that you are nothing without the lords help, your complete and total dependence on him, that you cant wake up without his constant support. i realize that life is not about perfection but consistency when we are consistantly humble and patient we grow faster to what he wants us to become. i love ether 12:27 when he promises us that our weaknesses will be made strong.. i guess i came on the mission really weak on these two attributes. our reliability on the savior is what dad always says faith over fear.. well its how we live and its how we make it back.
i also love a scripture in james 4:10 "submit yourselves therefore to god. humble yourselves in the sight of the lord and he shall lift you up"
the lord tests us but he never withholds his blessings when we pass... the blessings have come. jo might have fallen but he has given us the blessings around the corner that i didnt have the capablity to see. we found a couple (juliano and bruna) that got married a month ago and accepted to be baptized this saturday and on sunday we will have the baptism of a woman and her granddaughter (maria and gabriela).
we got to use the phrase "come what may and love it" the lord isnt done teaching me and i wont be done learning until he says its complete.... the gospel is our life we got to live it to reap its rewards.
welp im still learning
love you all....
fique firme
com amor,
Sister Corbin
ps belo horizonte mission from jan unitl oct of 2011 has had 1300 baptisms, crazy huh

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