Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Letter #71 FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!

I love sour patch watermelon!!!

well my last phone call for my last transfer is this monday... well see what happens if ill leave, stay or have another comp. i have no idea what president has for me to do...
it was so good to talk to you all. sorry if you guys couldnt understand me. im glad everything went well.. what did you all do after church?
as for me we went to work after the phone call. The true meaning of christmas becomes a reality on the mission. we taught people with lots of presents under the tree, waiting anxiously to open, we taught others that had nothing and no one to share the christmas season with. the true meaning of christmas gets lost when we worry about presents and what we have to do to keep up with the world. for me a perfect x mas is to be with family, helping others and just enjoying each others presence.. you learn to appreciate your own family when your so far away from them. presents or no matter of money can replace a hug from a loved one. this has become something i have cherished.. i cant imagine the day we see and hug our savior and praise him for his ulitmate sacrifice for our salvation.. the lord loves us so much, the life we have on earth is short, he cant stand being away from us to long. thats why we got to make everyday count.
i was reading in the liahona that you gave me mom of general conference and i read president monsons talk for the preisthood... why does it seem like all the good talks are for the preisthood haha anyways he said:
"may we ever be courageous and prepared to stand for what we believe and if we must stand alone in the process, may we do so courageously, strengthened by the knowledge that in reality we are never alone when we stand with our father in heaven."
"the heavens will not be filled with those who never made mistakes but with those who recognized that they were off course and who corrected thier ways to get back in the light of the gospel. The more we treasure the words of the prophets and apply them, the better we will recognize when we are drifting off course-even if only by a matter of a few degrees"
-president uchtdorf
i recieved this quote from a freind here too serving a mission in brasil.. this quote helps us remember how perfect we are not but how we can strive to always stay on course listening to the wise direction of our beloved prophets. i dont have much more to say this week other than another year has passed, another x-mas season, another year of life...
FELIZ ANO NOVO!! 2012 crazyyyy
time flys. the end.

até mais
com todo amor
Sister Corbin

Ps i forgot to tell you... my chacos have a whole!!! dont worry i super glued it. will see how long it will last. we got about a month or so to go..

funny story:
i forgot to tell this story two weeks ago... so our purpose is to help others come unto christ by faith, repentance, baptism..... ya so you have to pray to know if these things we are teaching are true.. we were teaching this family and the grandson, pedro, had alot of doubts and questions about the book of mormon. so we wanted to have a super spiritual moment right? so he can feel that it is true hahah... didnt happen. the grandma is with us during this lesson the whole time. we invited them to get on thier knees and pray. as we began to kneel the gma decides to kneel too, i told her it wasnt necessary but hey she wanted to. Right before pedro began to pray the gma gives out this loud shout "pedro im stuck!" i looked up and the gma was stuck in a wierd position on the coach hahah i lost it and so did sister barâo. the spirit left the room as pedro went to help his gma get up. hey, life happens... what can you do. the strong spirit we were hoping and praying for pedro didnt work out that night but theres always next time hahah

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