Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Letter #72 Every Step of The Way

So much To telllllll
GO MIT!!!! when does the elections end??? will i be home to see the results???
HAPPY NEW YEARS 2012 = crazyyyyy = what?= life goes fast.
so went to bed as usual thought i wouldnt wake up but the fireworks were litterally outside my window. sister barâo didnt move but i went to the window and watched them till the end..i wrote a pretty good journal entry that i thought i would share with you all today
31-dez-2011 new years eve:
where would i be on this new years if i wasnt on a mission? who knows? it seems so long since i celebrated a holiday. I cant believe this year has passed and gone. year 2011 will always be remembered as my year as a missionary. i think back one year ago and i was in pampulha with sister ruckert.... one thing you can never take back in this life is time. i think thats why its the most precious gift we can give one another. i cant belive im 23. its wierd bc when i left i was only 21. i never said twenty two always was vinte dois ha. i just want to give a shout out for 2011 and thank heavenly father for one more year of life. this year i dont think i have ever learned so much, i have never been so stressed out, so frusturated, so filled with the spirit, so happy, so patient, so humble.... the lord knows what to teach me and how. He will put me through trials, through sadness, through ups through downs, but i always remember "it is for thy good" i want to look back on this year, 2011 and say thank you. never have i felt so close to my family or my heavenly father, even both being so far from me. im excited to see what 2012 has in store for me but im happy to say that the lord has been by my side every step of the way... thank you 2011
When i woke up i wanted to make a special breakfast you know to celebrate... went to make french toast the middle of the cooking you guessed the gas ran out haha i just had to laugh and said what a great way to start the new year..
okay the good stuff
like always monday we were anxious to see if we would get a call to see if we would be transfered from bandeirantes.. passed lunch and it was almost 5 o clock i told sister barão we would stay and five min later he calld and said "sister corbin you will be transferred and TRAIN AGAIN! WHAT A BLESSING..." really? ill train again? " you will go to lagoa and baptize, the area there is a little weak so you have to go there and show them how its done" .... "alright lets go ha" i gave the phone to sister b and she will stay here, turn senior and help an american sister that arrived about two months ago... i was shocked. how come all my sisters i train turn senior after me. she began to cry and wasnt sure if she was ready.. i told her the lord knows you are thats why he called you to be senior and help this sister start out her mission right. she asked "why arent you nervous?" if i wasnt nervous, i would be lying. but the difference is that i learned literally to put complete and ALL my trust in the lord. He knows exactly where to put me at the exact right time with the exact companion. this has happened since day one. and so its easy for me to accept what ever comes bc i trust him. thats the secret. will it be hard, yes.. will it be confusing for the first few weeks, yes but we do our part and the lord does the rest. as dad would say "thats it" or hanu haha if we could just grasp this concept life would be a cake. but its not always easy to accept.
i said goodbye to all i could. my two favorite recent converts leticia and fatima balled. i tried so hard not to cry i told them i would come back and visit during the world cup in 2014 well thats my plan anyway..
went to pick up my new companion her name is sister chaves,21 from curitiba (same as sister batista). we arrived in our two bedroom hut ha and looked at my comp and said you ready? she laughed. im so excited to be here. this district has pampulha, venda nova and lagoa.. i can say i passed all the areas in the stake pampulha.
im excited to run.. my mission isnt over yet. dont worry mom.. ill be on the plane but not a day early.
a lot of info i hope i remembered everything
amo voces
com amor,
sister corbin

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