Friday, January 27, 2012

Letter #75 God is Building Me

working it up
helllo familia e amigos
well this week i think will be short not much to catch up on, just missinarying it up until i go back to reality. this week was full of work.. we´re helping three investigators right now and they are all miracles. The enemy has been working against us every sunday. so on saturday we decided to fast to help our investigators go to church. on saturday we went to our elects house (newton). he is hungry to know the truth, we brought a member so we could help him with a few doubts. not to my surprise he wasnt home and he didnt bring his cell with him to call. hmmmmmmmmm saturday he is not home the one day we need to talk to him to help him get to church sunday, sounds about right. trying not to loose faith we prayed none stop all day so we could some how get ahold of him. when we came home saturday night we said a strong prayer that he would call or he would answer the phone. for the first time since 2 oclock he answered! and he was set to go for church sunday. the biggest weight came off my shoulders for about 5 secs and realized that church isnt for 12 hours haha and alot can happen.. we were able to bring 5 investigators to church which 3 of them have a date to get baptized this sunday. the lord is blessing us in every way. i love seeing his hand in the work.
ill keep you posted, pray for them...
so yesterday, we had an appointment with a family that stopped us in the street. as we approached thier door, it was open i began to clap my hands and two dogs turned the corner running and barking. sister chaves is terrified of dogs, she screamed and ran into another door that was open. me not knowing what to do followed her. before i knew it we were in another persons house with the door shut hahah. i tried to get someones attention so they wouldnt think we were trying to steal anything or something. as i tried to leave sister chaves was scared she wouldnt let me open the door ha good thing the person that lived in this house was nice and didnt think anything of it ha but this just another story of us running from dogs in brasil
i cant believe the time is passing so fast... ill be home in three weeks what????. i catch myself getting emotional at times and i dont know why. i dont know if its because my long awaited arrival is coming up or the fact that i have to leave this other life behind.. whatever it is im not prepared
well not much to say this week love you all
até mais
3nephi 9:14
sister corbin
quotes of the week:
"not only am i buliding the kingdom of god but god is building me"
sister Dunford (a sister i met in são paulo)
" when we strive with faith nothing wavering to fulfill the duties appointed to us, when we seek inspiration of the almighty in the performance of our responsibilities we can achieve the miraculous" - Julie B Beck

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