Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Letter #76 It's Better to Look Up

first off i would like to say THANK YOU WARD!!!! i got the poster haha finally in the end of january. there was an elder that found it somewhere and saw my name on it and sent it to my district leader. it was great to read all the notes from everyone. although i dont personally know all of you i want to thank you for your efforts in helping me be the missionary that the lord helped me to be. im excited to meet all of you soon!
mom- i also got your letter with the names you did for ronald. i will give them to the elders in pampulha to give to him next week.
one quote came into my mind this past saturday from pres monson " its better to look up"..we got a few phone calls that we werent prepared for. our elect, newton called and told us that he cant study with us anymore for now bc his wife isnt sure she approves of the church. my heart along with sister chaves was crushed. our future leader slash preisthood holder for this ward fell. the lord knows when he will be ready... another investigator fell as well bc of her husband that is a strong baptist and doesnt want her going to church anymore. before noon we were discouraged with a few blows that werent expected but the quote its better to look up never left my mind. we still had danielle who was interviewd on friday and her baptism was scheduled for sunday... praying all day we did everything possible to make sure danielle too wouldnt fall. i set my alarm for 1 oclock in the morning to call her on her dinner break at work so she wouldnt have any temptations to smoke or whatever else satan was thinking. The lord answerd our prayers and danielle was baptized 4:00 on sunday afternoon. the baptism was sweet, quick and spiritual. a few members came to support and we had a preist baptize for the first time. i read a scirpture in moroni 9:6 that reflects this week to me
"and now my son, not with standing thier hardness, let us labor diligently; for it we should cease to labor we should be brought under condemnation for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay; that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness and rest our souls in the kingdom of god"
we cant ever stop working, even though sometimes you dont always see the fruits of your labors.. example... venda nova is baptizing all of my old investigators= blessing. you never will know the results of the work that you have done, only when the lord lets you have this blessing. this past transfer i have seen a ton, and im grateful for that tender mercy of the lord letting me know that im doing my part.
3 randoms
1- this past week we found ourselves in a middle of a soccer field with weeds all around us, before i knew it we had to cross a bridge with no handles above a river.. how we got to this point im not sure. the bridge was made out of two logs and a few strips of wood inbtwn well made fore sure ha.. sister chaves refused to cross i had to go first so she could hold onto my backpack ha i wish this was filmed...
2- we were chased by chickens out of a house rather then dogs this week, i think this house had at least 20 watch chickens
3- once again i thought i lost my planner. yes i know i loose things. i went into a panic and retraced every step. i was saying probably a million prayers in my head when all the sudden a stil small voice more like firm voice said to me your planner is at home stop worrying. it was a calm feeling almost a surety that i would see my planner on my desk when we i got home.. its been a while i heard that voice firm, litterally speaking. sure enough as i opened the door there was my planner, right where i left it.
the lord uses his spirit for everything but we got to listen to it
i love you all
it wont be long until i can actually tell you instead of just always writting it..
até mais
Sister Corbin
não acredito nos estamos em fevereiro!!!!

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