Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letter #74 The Lord is with Me!

im so happy that you guys are helping the sisters... we all need members to help with this work its the only way its done right... sounds like brad is an elect for sure. the joy you experience when helping one enter into the fold is indescribable (uh i dont know how to spell anymore) but when they fall this is also a pain you cant descirbe.. but you just got to keep on keeping on.. keep me updated with brad.
hmmmmmmmmmm where to begin.. first off i forgot the word and meaning of HOT. last thursday one day to the other changed completely its so hot right now... the rain stopped and its prob 105 degrees everyday.. o ha and my chacos snapped in half hah. i started walking and i felt my foot get wet i looked down and my sandals were slpit open... i bought some super bond today but i dont think it will do much so im using the other shoes i have right now..
we working really hard in this new area and i know the lord is just waiting to give us blessings.. he gave one on thursday when he gave us an elect named nilton. i told nilton (ive noticed im really blunt on the mission) " nilton... you need to go to church sunday to know for yourself what church is true.. what could prevent you from going?" he said nothing i want to go... i wasnt convinced so i said "the enemy knows what church is true he does not want you to go to church so im preparing you right now something will happen i dont know what.. but something will happen for you not to go to church. he began to laugh but i felt that i needed to say that and be way firm...
sunday morning i called his house to make sure he was up.. his wife answered and said nilton had to leave, his mom called him at midnight with some sort of accident and he had to leave.. my heart sank, i knew it. it seems like these past weeks satan is working double hard bc im working as hard as i can. we learn to get up when we fall so i had to brush it off and think of the blessings that would come that day... we had 6 people in church and the lord blessed us in other ways.
basically what i get out of all of this is that the lord wants to teach me major patience.. i dont loose faith. i tell sister chaves everyday when we deserve the blessings of the lord they will come but we have to show him were ready and prepared to teach his elects in order for him to give them to us.. faith over fear.. everything will work out. you can never think otherwise, the timing is his and the blessings we receive are his also. so we just got to wait, wait with patience. were currently helping 3 people towards baptism.i pray so hard i loose sleep sometimes.
i love a quote i read this week from an apostle
" The truth is, those who diligently seek him eventually come to know him. Then looking back in our experience we see that the savior indeed come to be with us. Not all at once but quietly, gently, almost unnoticed"... blessed are they that have not seen but yet believed.
i know with all my heart that the lord hears and answers our prayers literally...
this experience is small but meaningful..
every morning there are some men that wake us up bc they are waiting to take the bus to work.. its rare to sleep in to 630 and i started to become exhausted. i decided to pray to heavenly father to help me sleep until my alarm so i could work for him better during the day.. small and insignificant this prayer was... he answered. the next day i woke up 630 with the alarm. the men outside were talking just as loud but the lord blessed me with this tender mercy..
i know that the lord hears and answers prayers. he knows our needs our feelings our desires and when our desires match up with his, he blesses those that love him.
helaman 10:4-5
The lord is with me, no worries.
one thing i always remember when my comp is down i tell her we got to say " come what may and love it"
its the only way
its the gospel
até mais
te amo
Sister Aubree Corbin
ps so this week almost every lunch we had, had chicken feet and i mustered up the courage to eat one, hey it wasnt that bad it tastes like the skin of the chicken but bc i knew i was eating a chickens foot i couldnt finish ha

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