Friday, December 16, 2011

Letter #69 A Day Never to Forget


i cant believe im turning 23!!! i feel old ahaha. THANKS GRANDMA!!! i will def use it here bc im looking for something to buy to come home.. my clothes are so warn out. okay i got three packages!! i got the ensign the medicine and the package for my birthday i think. it had a shirt, take fives, a nativity set! i opened it today and filmed it for you guys to see haha. i love getting packages on the missh.. am i missing a package still? i think one is missing still right?
so right before you asked about my date home we walked away from the lan house and an elder called and asked where i lived and i told him the neighborhood here in belo and he started to laugh and said no sister to go home... it was wierd to hear.i told him orange county airport. he was looking for a cheap flight and told me that the date is feb 15 so i think ill be home feb16. i dont know the times or anything so you can look online and seee what is coming in on feb 16 ill prob leave feb 15 late at night and wont arrive until night on feb 16 but i have no idea. so now you can start planning stuff if you want but im pretty sure thats when ill be heading home.
okay so christmas were going to be calling from a members house and we also just have sacrament but i told her you guys would call around 3 or 330 our time in brasil so what ever is better for you can choose and let me know bc i still dont know when
sent my foto chip to you last week so it should come in a week or two.
did you make a christmas card?
im still looking for a nativity set
dont worry that im going to eat açaí today im excited! its to celebrate my birthday. im going to miss açaí....
what are you plans for christmas? are you guys going to stay home? mandy and james will be there?
in brasil it doesnt feel too much like christmas the countdown has started and they are still setting up xmas decorations haha.. they have x trees but its about 1 foot tall. its completley different the atmosphere around xmas in the states..
i wish we could have this spirit of peace throughout the whole year.. im using the excuse of "its x-mas and we have a message to share about christ" it seems to be helping a little ha
Well the blessings came like they always do... sometimes i forget what i write in my letters i dont remember if i told you about bruna and juliano... they are family we found about a month after they got married. they were being taught by the missionaries and the elders told them that they had to get married to obey all the commandments.. little did i know the lord was preparing this family for us to find. we found them on monday, prepared them the whole week. they got baptized saturday and were confirmed on sunday. they have a cute one year old daughter named simara and i can see them going through the temple in one year. we were so blessed to teach them. ive never met a family litterally so prepared to follow the lord.
Heavenly father has been putting his elects in front of us..
we found a women named fatima on the street last thursday. i dont know how we started talking but we ended up talking about religion.. of course... she told us how firm she was in another church and didnt want to hear our message that she already heard from two missionaries in her home town two years ago. me being me said "sem problemas... whats your address well just say a prayer for ya" she accepted. We went there a few times until we finally caught her at home. she decided to open up to us and tell us everything about her life and how she has been confused since she was a child on what church is true. the first thing i did was give her the book of mormon. i said "read it" you will know what god has in store for you, IF you are willing to change... we came back the next day and she couldnt wait to let us in and tell us what happened. she read and prayed and got her answer. she told us she read in mormon 8:32-33 that explained about how there would be false churches and how you could know through the spirit. she told us that she never knew something so clear until now. we brought her to church sunday and she asked me if she could bare her testimony about the book of mormon and i said yessss you can.. she is amazing i love her.. were preparing her for baptism on my birthday the 18! which happens to be her birthday too. it will be a day never to forget.
theres also so many more stories i could tell but there never is enough time.. were teaching andrea who is maria inez´s daughter who would have been baptized this past sunday but the world got the best of her.. andrea was curious and told her mom to call us. we taught her the first lesson and with tears in her eyes she said "what is my first step?" i love when they want to know before the invite.. we invited her to be baptized on x mas and she is excited to know more...
When we want to know the truth we got to ask with an open heart and REAL intent.. thats the trick. Our heavenly father knows us, he knows if we would really follow him or not. so if the answer hasnt come, its because your not ready for his blessings.. when we listen to the spirit and do his will, our life becomes simple, it becomes full of peace and joy that can only be felt through the gospel of christ.
alma 13: 27-29 (pray continually)
this week also was full of hilarious stuff that happened to us
quick story of this cute gma that just wanted to talk talk talk talk so we just offered to say a prayer to leave. after the prayer she ran to the kitchen to get some bread or cookies to give us. (if you know this culture you know they are so nice you cant leave anyones house without eating or drinking something). to avoid the situation i ran to the door to leave, the gma ran after us on the street until we accepted some bread hahahah it was so funny, i guess you had to be there but i dont think sister barão and i stopped laughing for a long time. even at door contacts i couldnt keep it together... got to love brasil
well i love you all! ]
so i decided those that know me can do the following on my birthday or the saturday before. put on some 80´s music... eat a little golden spoon and if you feel like it, go on a del run to eat a churro for me :)
até mais
com amor
Sister Aubree Lyn Corbin

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