Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letter #32 I Have Hope


how are you fingers they good hah? i had a splinter in my pointer finger all week that hurt... does that help? we went through pain together. ya i just got an email today that were getting 18 new missionaries (brasilians) at the end of april and got 4 amerincas last week and 3 americans this week! the visas are coming slowly.. i dont know if they are elders or sisters but well find out.the area is great its cold!!!! its the coldest place in minas! the wind is freezing at night combined with the rain and humididty you just feel wet all the time. but the people are great really humble... but yes i have to be careful ha we walk into houses and then figure out that the person tha let us in is on some major meds so we just thank them and leave ah.. i just read a letter from the president that was really comforting.. he said he has faith in me and being senior out here he said he only sends those he trusts to places far away from the mission home with full confidence. that gave me a little hope knowing the pres is on my side.

no your prob ahead of me i stopped at alma because i started reading our search for happiness soooooooo gooood! im almost done i couldnt put it down.. i want every person in the world to read it its so clear and simple.. i love the way Ballard writes its like he is talking to you saying hello the church is true it all makes sense ha i love it. so ill get back in the bom next week. so here in barbacena, everyone thinks im sister clement! people will yell on the street sister clement or get offended if i dont know them bc they think im her or sister harris another blue eyed blonde that was here last year... so being senior i have felt a lot more responsibilty out here... ive never felt so much urgency to find people to teach... thats our biggest difficulty right now finding those that want the message.. we teach a ton but the accepting is the hard part.. ive never met so many catholics. my other areas were catholic too but here everyone is muito forte. that talk that amber sent me last week i think elder christofferson about our daily bread. living day by day lining our will to the lords. i tried putting this into practice this past week. we started our fast saturday praying for what we wanted.. we had a potential of 7 men to take to church with us and no one came.. it was a big blow to my confidence and my faith we tried so hard all week to help these people come to church and no one ended up getting up.. i tried to remember the daily bread our blessings we had already recieved from the lord that day.. as we were walking to church i was praying really hard to heavenly father please show me or tell me where these people are.. i started just invited everyone and their mom. i shouted to the first house and they said they would come but not until later, here sac is at 11 so i said k come at 11. got to church a little down knowing we weren't successful in bringing anyone new. but what i didn't know was the second class was a man that was prepared for the gospel. after the principios do evangelho a man came up to us and said i want to be baptized and i want to be fast...uhhh what who are you and is this miracle i have been praying for? apparently sister ward and sister flora taught him last month and he stopped coming bc of his wife but sunday he said i dont care i know this church is true and i want to faz parte... we were more then happy to help him but the prob is that his wife has to know and has to approve of it... were going to work with his wife this week so that he can be baptized conf weekend.. this was a big test of my faith.. i had to aline my will to the lords and let him bless me i don't know what lies ahead or what the lord has in store i just have to trust in his plan no matter what.. and that family that i invited came at 11 and welp they were already baptized just inactive and needed an invite to want to come back to church.. the lord always has blessings for us they might not always be the ones we think well get but they always come. i have already learned so much this past week and loving it here.. in Elder Ballards words " all of us came here with the personal responsibitly to seek for gods eternal truth to abide by it and yes share it with others when we find it"... "hope is a precious priniciple by which to live, hope grows out of faith and gives meaning and purpose to all we do." i have hope and live by it everyday... josua 1;9 the lord will be with you... fear not -love you all!!!!! sister corbin

Above is Aubree's Mission Plaque from the Ward waiting for her return.

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