Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter #31 Do Our Part

oh i forgot to tell you that i saw two toranchulas(not sure on spelling) right before i left pampulha i dont remember if i told you that or not and i almost stepped on one haha it was hillarious the whole neighborhood came out to see why these two girls were i love that you are reseraching up on barbacena so it looks like i dont need to tell you that i live in the city of doidas ahaha our house is infront of a mental institution so you can imagine the people we meet everyone morning we leave our house ha. yes and its cooolllddd here! its like utah just random it will be hot one min than super cold and at night its super windy. ya i heard about this story they just dropped the sick and mental people in barbacena bc its so far away and inclusive and cold! that they decided to make this city for the doidas ha yay we have already taught a few doidas i taught my companion to say out there so when she thinks its a doida we just move on haha. but i love barbacena its great! the church building here is huge but its only a little branch but the members are great! this past sunday i gave a talk and only had two days to prepare somehow sister flora got out of it and itwas just me. i talked about having faith in our heavenly fathers plan for all us. and i didnt have to teach the principles of the gospel i was so nervous it was about the atonement the second hardest next to the priesthood lesson which is next week ... i hope the teacher comes prepared. this past week has been great with sister flora i love her she isnt scared to talk and she has a deep love for the gospel. she still is really new so she is not used to my boldness when i open doors its funny and she is a little slow at walking well try to work on that. i love brazil,here has alot of differnt religions and beliefs let me just say that i gained a huge testimony that everything has its opposite. we have our heavenly father and jesus christ who is love and peace but we also have the devil who is all hate and full of wickedness. i have gained a strong testiomny of prayer and a greater understanding of preisthood power. so happy the gospel is on the earth!on monday sister ward and her familly were here to visit barbacena. they had family home evening at the presidents house of the branch and they asked me to be the translator. sister ward was giving the lesson and i was in between her and her family translating... this shouldnt be hard right? fallllseeeeeeeeee. apparently i started out fine then i started repeating sister ward speaking in portugues to sister wards family after about 30 secs sister wards dad said sister your speaking in portugues.. the president said can i understand english? i had no idea everyone started laughing and i was super embarrased haah.. the prob was that sis rueckert and i always spoke both languages so i can't tell the difference when i talk it even happend a few times with sister flora this week i would start in port and end in english and the only reason i knew was bc sister flora would tell me to repeat what i said. i refocused and finished the lesson translating in englsh well i hope i did.. it was bitter sweet to see her family. they were so happy to see her teach the gospel to this family, her dad was especially proud and i could tell it was a special moment for sister ward. after we all went to a burger place that i didn't know existed. i'm excited to be here in barbacena with sister flora i know that there are people here waiting to here the gospel from us.. i know the lord with bless us when we put all our trust in him and do our part. its a promise. i love you all! keep killing it out there sister corbin'

ps apparently obama was here? ha in brazil

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  1. I love reading her emails! You can really get a feel for her personality!!! :)