Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter #30 The Best Words

first off is everyone alive????? everyone in brazil was telling me that the tsnami was going to california and i was like great my fam just moved to the beach but it sounds like everything is good. i have a friend serving in japan sendai too thanks for the update sounds like the missionaries were not hit. well that me start off by saying this week was a week of blessings!! i dont even know where to begin. we changed our attitudes and got to work. i want to first start out by talking about a married couple we found last week names are osmane and iránis. we found them knocking doors and they were so prepared to hear the message. the next visit we challenged them to throw away thier coffee iránis hesitated for a sec and said what the heke got up and dumped in the trash two seconds later osmane said o wait i have a drink in the room ran the bedroom and dumped down the beer int he sink. everyday they want to learn more and osmane gets so excited to hear our message he dresses up all formal to greet us.iranis cant read so she cant start the bom yet but were working on getting cds for her. this week when we brought them to church osmane asked if he could start paying tithing that day so we explained where the tithing slips were and he took a few. this week we also tried to help celio, ronalds friend, he is the one that likes to steal chickens from his neighbors yard and eat them ahahah we had to teach him the commandment do not steal haha. he wasnt progressing much but he had a desire to talk to him one more time. at the end of the lesson i got a feeling to tell him to go to church with a question. i said i promise if you go to church with a question, whatever doubt you have right now, the lord will answer your prayers and you wont have any doubts anymore. idk where that came from i love when your teaching and all the sudden something comes into your head and your hearts starts pounding and you try to ignore but you have to open your mouth knowing that whatever you will say is from the spirit. after i bore my testimony and told him i was excited to see him at church ronald showed me the goosebumps on his arm from the spirit. this sunday was amazing! well celio didnt show up i think he is scared bc he knows its true... ronald got the aaronic preisthood and cant wait to pass the sacrament. we also managed to have 15 PEOPLE in church! que benção. ive never had that many people and almost all of them can be baptized the following sunday. then on monday we were in the middle of our planning and leonadro called. leonadro is a boyfreind of a member for the family wouldnt let us speak to him for weeks. we were kind of sad bc we wanted to start teaching him but the family wouldnt let us. he called and said " hello? is this the sisters my name is leondro i am not baptized in your church yet but i know i want this change in my life and i want to get baptized and fast can you make this happen?"...uh hello if thats not the best words you could ever hear as a missionary idk what is. then about 5 min later we got a call from presidente. hesitant we answered. sister corbin you will be become SENIOR AND GO TO BARBACENA....whattttttttt... i guess i cant say i was surprised to leave pampulha but i was a little nervous to hear the words senior. I love this area pampulha is so great and right when were reaping the blessings of the lord he moves us to another area. thats okay we told osmane and iranis to send pics of the baptism and leondro too. i have a new companion her name is sister flora she is a brazilian from fortaleza its her second transfer and i already love her. were going to barbacena which is supposedly all country and the land of the doidas (dumbos) there is a lot of mental hospitals down there or something ahah. its the coldest place in mg and is on the border of rio janiero. its about 3 1/2 hours from the center so it looks like i wont be getting alot of mail anytime soon. sister ward was there last she said she didnt have any baptisms for me or anyone really solid to teach. she handed me the keys and the phone and wished me luck. im a little nervous but i know this was inspired and im supposed to go to barbacena for a reason o and also she told me i will be giving a talk this sunday and its a little branch so i will prob be teaching the principles of the gospel everyweek.... ya im a little nervous, but good thing im with a brazilian right? this transfer i am really excited! my comp only has 5 weeks of experience in the field but were going to make it work. last night we left a family of 3 to get baptized too. they have been going to church for a few weeks now and wanted to take things slow so we have been slowly teaching them this past transfer and last night they said they wanted to stay in the church and when we told them we were leaving they were really sad and wanted us to stay and see them through. but they thanked us for teaching them the truth and that they would never forget their first missionaries. right now im in the center with sister rueckert and her companion, sister flora and i will sleep here tonight and go to a conference in the morning and leave around 6 in the afternoon tom and arrive in our area around 1230 am yay ha then get to wake up at 630 and get to work! well im excited for this week and cant wait to see barbacena they even told me there isnt any supermarkets this should be interested... running out of time love you all!sister corbin

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  1. wow! They had tons of golden people they were teaching... I bet it would be hard to leave them, but she has a great attitude!!! :)