Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letter #29 Work, Work, Work...

hi, okay so much to say... about ronald im pretty sure he wants us to do them he keeps giving us him. were going to his house thursday so ill try to get more details out of him but you have the go ahead to start with what you have the only prob is is that i wont be able to email for another week so if you want to wait idk and also transfers are next week! so i dont know if ill be here in pampulha next week. i cannot beileve brenan is getting his permit! i just got sister clements invite thats so crazy she is already married. they look cute together also got brenans letter today too so ill write him and send the card tomorrow
This week went by fast! this week is carnaval in brazil so its been pretty hard getting into houses to teach everyone is traveling. i swear its bigger then x mas here hah. i think it was friday.. the day was really slow and no one was letting us in. we came up to a door and i noticed i could open it from the outside.. i looked at sister r and said should i do it and she didnt say anything after waiting about 15 secs i said "doing it" i opened the door and started to walk in sis r was embarrassed and ran behind the door ha i turned the corner and it was this cute little g ma that was just taking forever to answer the door ahah i started to laugh and asked the g ma if we could come in and teach her a message about christ. she let us in and we taught her and her sisters they felt the spirit and wanted to visit the church prob was they dont leave the house cause they are like 90! i love that in brazil all the old people are still really active and want to do everything normal. this week has been hard to find new people to teach, right now we just have one solid investigator, regenaldo he was supposed to be baptized this past sunday but he dissappeared. it was fast sunday and sis r and i fasted all day for him , so that he could feel our love and know that he needs to get baptized. when we went to go look for him at his house he wasnt there. i was pretty bummed but we kept our heads up and ran to church. i bore my testimony for the first time since nov and wow was it different i could speak portugues... well better at least. im still working on the not crying part i hope that will pass ha. after church we found regenaldo and he told us that he didnt feel ready to be baptized but all saturday he couldnt stop thinking about it and that he even dreamed of his baptism. our fast worked! when we do our part the lord will do the rest. when you first come on the mission you think of three things 1) where you will sleep 2) what you will eat 3) and the work. ( a returned missionary in our ward gave a talk about this). after time your 3 priorities turn into work, work, work. this is so true. when you focus on the work everything falls into place. " the lord calls us in our weakness but qualifies us for our work". These past couple days ive gained a new vision if thats what you want to call it about the work its not about the number of baptisms or what posistions you have but the people you touch. like elder holland said this is the salvation of men.. were here to save. i want to teach people to give them the same opportuinty i have. a life with the gospel. when your obedient and do our part the blessings will follow. (mosiah 28:3)."the gospel of jc has all the answers to all our problems. the gospel is not a secret. it is not complicated or hidden. it can unlock the door to true happiness. it is not someones theory or proposition. in fact it does not come from man at all. it springs from the pure and everlasting waters of the creator of the universe, who knows truths we cannot even begin to comprehend. and with that knowledge he has given us the gospel- a divine gift, the ultimate formula for happiness and success"- elder uchdorflove this quote. we know the truth.. we know the answers to lives problems. im grateful to know the gospel is true and its the only way to everlasting happinessi love you all keep killing it out there for me]sister corbin

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